‘Summoners War’ Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Proves Global Leadership in Mobile Games

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    ‘Summoners War’ Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Proves Global Leadership in Mobile Games


    June 24, 2024 – Com2uS has established itself as a global leader in Korean mobile games over the last 10 years through successful services around the world with Summoners War: Sky Arena.

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Summoners War, Com2uS created an infographic that depicts the symbolism and cumulative sales increase. Summoners War is a classic mobile RPG in which users acquire and play Monsters with a variety of attributes and skills. It was released in Korea in April 2014 and began global service in June of the same year. Based on the allure of strategic combat fought by utilizing numerous Monsters, global sales have topped $3 billion to date.

    The sales figure of $3 billion is roughly equal to 530 million burgers in the United States, 2.8 billion cans of canned beer in Germany, 1.57 billion copies of Japanese weekly comic magazines, or 1.478 billion Vietnamese pho dishes. This is the accomplishment of Summoners War as a single game, which has proudly established itself as a bestseller and content representing Korea throughout the last decade.

    Over 90% of total sales occurred overseas. Specifically, America and Europe garnered more than half of all sales (32.2% and 21.6%, respectively), demonstrating the game’s recognition not only in Asia but also in Western regions. Excluding Korea, Asian regions like China and Japan accounted for 33.9% of total sales. Summoners War is also popular in Africa and Oceania, placing first in game sales in Seychelles, Fiji, and Palau.

    The global influence of Summoners War is highlighted by its total export sales of about $2.7 billion . It will take the Korean publishing, music, and animation industries 10, 4.5, and 24 years, respectively, to log $2.7 billion in export sales.

    Summoners War was recognized for pioneering a new market and rewriting the global-hit history of Korean mobile games, winning the Excellence Award in the mobile category at the Korea Game Awards in 2014, the year of its release. It was selected as one of the two games that held friendly matches between Korea and Sweden in 2019 to commemorate the 60-year-long diplomatic tie between Seoul and Stockholm. In 2023, Summoners War‘s production manager Min-young Jeong was awarded a Presidential Citation for foreign market expansion at the Korea Content Awards. Backed by its record-breaking performance, Summoners War‘s presence continues to rise. To date, it has been ranked first in game sales in 95 regions, as top 10 in 158 regions, and first in RPG sales in 164 regions. Compared to the first year of release, the number of global Summoners has expanded over 20 times, and the number of Monsters has increased by 4 times to around 1,600, adding to the enjoyment of training and deck combinations. In addition, Summoners War is increasing user engagement, having visited over 70 cities worldwide to host a variety of on-site events such as esports tournaments, tours, and gaming shows. This year, Com2uS is celebrating Summoners War‘s 10th anniversary and hosting the Summoners Festival in 18 cities across 13 different regions. It plans to improve communication with users and find new markets. Furthermore, it aims to expand Summoners War IP (intellectual property rights) to various genres, diversify play channels, secure growth power for the next decade, and improve its worldwide brand power moving forward.

    Meanwhile, in game, players users can obtain 10-Year Emblems through daily gameplay, which can be used to craft 6★ Legend Runes. Users can select the Rune type, number, main property, and sub-properties. Additionally, the Runes can be powered up to +6, allowing users to obtain two customized 6★ Legend Runes.

    Daily rewards are available based on the number of emblems obtained, and users can craft up to 49 6★ Legend Runes with the desired type, number, and main property. By completing daily missions that require obtaining 25 and 50 emblems, users can collect 10th anniversary commemorative items such as Summonhenge skin, Giant Cake building, profile background, and Archangel emojis along with other rewards.

    Users can also use 10-Year Emblems and 10-Year Golden Emblems to exchange for Legendary All-Attribute Scrolls, L&D Scrolls, and Devilmons. Grindstones and Gems of Hero grade or above can be crafted up to 10 times each.In addition, a Surprise Shop will be available until Jul. 1st to commemorate the 10th anniversary of global service. This shop offers a variety of products such as a Legendary All-Attribute Scroll, L&D Scrolls, 10-Year Special Scrolls, and more for a limited time.

    A Special Summon event will be held concurrently with the Surprise Shop, allowing users to select one Default 4★ and 5★ Monster for each of the five attributes for increased summon rates.

    More info on the events can be found on the official community channels of Summoners War.

    About Com2uS:
    Established in 1998 and headquartered in South Korea, Com2uS operates internationally with offices in the United States, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Thailand and Vietnam, and became a subsidiary of Com2uS Holdings (previous: GAMEVIL) in 2013. As a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, they thrive on creating successful games with a level of depth and engagement for the global market. With a newly added focus on blockchain and metaverse, Com2uS is taking a new leap as a global comprehensive content and platform company to lead the global digital paradigm.
    Com2uS currently has a number of mobile games around the world, including Summoners War, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch and Golf Star. With over 200 million downloads and global sales of $2.9 billion, Summoners War ranked as the #1 grossing game in 94 countries and in the top 10 in 155. For more information, visit https://com2us.com/.