Com2uS’ Summoners War Hosts Special Engrave Summon Event to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

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    Com2uS’ Summoners War Hosts Special Engrave Summon Event to Celebrate 10th Anniversary


    Com2uS announced that its global-hit game Summoners War: Sky Arena is holding a Special Engrave Summon Event to mark its 10th anniversary of release.

    Users can take part in this event by playing the game and completing weekly missions through June 3rd. If they earn 10-Year Coins by completing missions every week, users can collect a variety of gifts, including Engraved Scrolls, Reappraisal Stone, 6-star Legendary Runes, and more.

    Users can also obtain a Devilmon and L&D Scroll based on the total number of gifts collected. In addition, users can also purchase Engraved Summoning Piece Boxes with 10 10-Year Coins.

    Moreover, users can participate in the Special Engraved Summon by using previously acquired Engraved Scrolls, which will take place from May 20th until the event ends. Each week during the period, 10 lists containing 16 Water, Fire, and Wind Attribute Monsters ranging from 3-star to 5-star are available for users to pick one list to perform Engraved Summon to summon one of the listed Monsters.

    A new update featuring new content, Challenge of Ascension, is also available. This new content can be accessed through the entry screen to Trial of Ascension, popular PvE content in Summoners War. It is designed to have the highest difficulty level to introduce new challenges, and the existing bosses are expected to bring the excitement of sophisticated strategies.

    Challenge of Ascension consists of five Attribute Towers, each having 20 floors, and Spires of Ascension, having 80 floors. Users can only bring Monsters that have the same attribute of each Attribute Tower, and Spires of Ascension floors unlock by the total number of floors cleared in Attribute Towers.

    In Attribute Towers, rewards such as Attribute Scrolls, Devilmon and 6-star Legendary Rune are available every 10 floors. In Spires of Ascension, rewards such as L&D Scroll and Mystical Scrolls are available every 20 floors. New achievements related to the tower battles have also been added with various rewards.

    Meanwhile, Summoners War remains a global hit, with over 200 million cumulative downloads globally and total sales of more than 3.4 trillion KRW from 2014 to the present. This year, Summoners War intends to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a variety of events and promotions throughout the year.

    More info on the event and update can be found at the official community of Summoners War.