Com2uS Holdings’ Next-Generation Idle Game “Soul Strike” Collaborates with Global Hit “Summoners War”

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    Com2uS Holdings’ Next-Generation Idle Game “Soul Strike” Collaborates with Global Hit “Summoners War


    Berlin, May 31, 2024Com2uS Holdings announced on the 31st that the next-generation idle game ‘Soul Strike’ is collaborating with the global hit game ‘Summoners War: Sky Arena’.

    Summoners War’ has achieved approximately 220 million cumulative downloads and continues to enjoy widespread popularity across Asia, North America, and Europe. This collaboration brings a variety of engaging content to ‘Soul Strike’. Players can now meet popular Summoners War Monsters: Artamiel the Light Archangel, Vanessa the Fire Valkyrja, Anavel the Water Occult Girl, and Tiana the Wind Polar Queen as Mythical Allies. The collaboration introduces the skill ‘Summon Homunculus’, and features ‘Devilmon’ as a Crossover Relic. These characters have been uniquely adapted to fit the aesthetics and gameplay of ‘Soul Strike’.

    The crossover content ‘Trial of Ascension’ is now available. This essential content from Summoners War is available in ‘Soul Strike’. The Trial of Ascension is composed of 100 floors with three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Hell, with the final boss ‘Lyrith’ appearing on the top floor. Players can earn various items such as Gem, Ether and Mana Stone, a special currency for this event, through floor clears and daily rewards. In Hell mode, by clearing each floor according to specific conditions and earning more Stars, players can increase the amount of Mana Stone received from daily rewards. The rich ranking rewards based on event points are expected to spur competitive spirits. Mana Stone obtained in the Trial of Ascension can be exchanged for crossover Allies, Skills, and Relics in the Secret Shop.

    Summoners War‘s distinctive ‘Rune System’ is featured in the ‘Rune Exchange Event’. Players can obtain seven types of runes by hunting monsters in normal and Conqueror stages, as well as through offline rewards, and slot them to earn various items. To commemorate the collaboration, a 7-day login event is also ongoing. By simply logging in for seven days, all users can receive various summon tickets and the Crossover Ally ‘Artamiel’ along with the Skill ‘Summon Homunculus’.

    In addition to showcasing collaboration content, ‘Soul Strike’ continues to enhance its gameplay with the expansion of the Conqueror stage, the introduction of a Season Pass, and support for German and French languages. Detailed updates and event information can be found on the official page.

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