Soul Strike Meets Global Masterpiece Summoners War, Bringing European Gamers a Unique Experience

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    Soul Strike Meets Global Masterpiece Summoners War, Bringing European Gamers a Unique Experience


    June 14, 2024 – Com2uS Holdings‘ next-generation idle game, Soul Strike, has teamed up with the global mega-hit Summoners War: Sky Arena.

    The collaboration in Soul Strike with Summoners War brings an exciting mix of beloved characters and systems from Summoners War into the game, offering a fresh and engaging experience. Since its global launch in January, Soul Strike has rapidly gained popularity, surpassing 20 billion KRW($10 million) in cumulative revenue within just four months, establishing itself as a leading idle RPG. The game’s simple yet addictive controls and its 999 Soul Equipment System have been particularly well-received by a global audience.

    Furthermore, Soul Strike now supports German and French languages, providing a more immersive experience for German and French-speaking users. Since the start of the collaboration update at the end of May, the local response has been positive. The game has shown a steady rise in the RPG rankings on both Google Play and the Apple App Store in France and Germany.

    Marking its 10th anniversary this year, Summoners War: Sky Arena has achieved over 220 million global downloads and $3 billion in cumulative revenue. To celebrate, Summoners War has hosted numerous in-game events and offline relay festivals, known as the Summoners Festival, to thank its worldwide fans.

    This collaboration allows players to experience exclusive Summoners War content in Soul Strike. Iconic monsters such as Artamiel the Light Archangel, Vanessa the Fire Valkyrja, Anavel the Water Occult Girl, and Tiana the Wind Polar Queen join as Mythical Allies, while the top-tier Relic Devilmon is also featured.

    The well-known Trial of Ascension is now available as special content in Soul Strike for Summoners War fans. This 100-floor dungeon is divided into Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulty levels. Players progress automatically to the next floor after clearing each one, with the final boss Lyrith awaiting on the 100th floor. The game offers daily rewards, clear rewards, and star rewards to encourage players’ competitive spirit.

    To commemorate the collaboration update, various events are held for new users to enjoy. Through the 7-Day Login Event, players can obtain the Mythical Ally Artamiel and the powerful skill Summon Homunculus just by logging in. In the Rune Exchange Event, players can collect various types of runes and exchange them for desired items.

    Com2uS Holdings aims to strengthen its presence in the European market through this collaboration. A representative from Com2uS Holdings stated, “This event combines the best features of both games to offer a unique experience. We believe that the support for German and French languages will enhance the immersion for local players.”

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