Com2uS’ ‘Chronicles x Evangelion’ Collaboration begins on July 11th

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    Com2uS’ ‘Chronicles x Evangelion’ Collaboration begins on July 11th


    July 10 2024 – With only one days remaining until the beginning of the collaboration between Com2uS summoning RPG Summoners War: Chronicles and the famous animation ‘Evangelion, fans are anticipating to witness how the four pilots of Evangelion will be added to the world of Chronicles.

    Com2uS recently opened a collaboration brand page and released various information on the collaboration. According to the previously released page, the four Evangelion main characters ‘Shinji’, ‘Asuka’, ‘Rei’, and ‘Mari’ will appear as Monsters in ‘Chronicles’.

    This collaboration unfolds a story where Evangelion pilots fight against the Angel that suddenly appeared in front of Gianni protecting the Rahil Kingdom. The four pilots use the Lance of Longinus to drive out the original Angel who only appears in Chronicles, ‘Mordo’ out of space and begin training against creatures created by analyzing the angels to prevent the angel’s attack that will resume in two weeks.

    Evangelion pilots each appear with two attributes. Unit 0’s pilot ‘Shinji’ is a warrior-type Monster with Water and Dark attributes, Unit 0’s pilot ‘Rei’ is a knight-type Monster with Wind and Light attributes, ‘Asuka’ is an assassin-type Monster with Fire and Dark attributes, and ‘Mari’ is an archer-type Monster with Fire and Light attributes. Fire/Water/Wind characters will wear plugsuits, and Light/Dark characters will wear school uniforms, boasting different charms depending on the character’s attribute.

    Each character has a different class to match the fighting style depicted in the animation and uses the same weapons that appear in the work. Shinji is a warrior-type Monster who engages in close-ranged combat using the Lance of Longinus, while Asuka is an assassin-type Monster who specializes in attacking enemies from the rear while dual-wielding the Progressive Knife. Rei is a knight-type Monster that protects allies with the ESV shield like a tanker, while Mari is an archer-type Monster that attacks enemies from a distance with the Pallet Rifle and Super Electromagnetic Crossbow Gun.

    Looking at each attribute, Water Shinji has a passive skill called ‘Ranged Counter’ that increases the dealt damage and decreases the damage taken as the distance from to the attacked target increases. It is the first warrior-type Monster that specializes in sniping enemies from a distance. On the other hand, Dark Shinji is characterized by being able to withstand enemies that are close by and mainly focuses on close-range attacks.

    Wind Rei can remove various beneficial effects of enemies at the start of battle, and additionally has a skill that grants the DEF UP Effect on herself. Light Rei can use the ‘A.T. Field’ Skill to nullify skill attacks of the target with a certain chance to protect the allies.

    Fire Mari is a long-distance dealer who uses the ‘Pallet Rifle’ and is able to use ammunition to perform powerful attacks. Light Mari has the ability to remove CC Effects, allowing her to fight against multiple enemies with freedom.

    Fire Asuka can be resurrected using a passive skill called ‘Self Repair’, and her attack power increases momentarily immediately after resurrection, making her a character specialized in fighting against a single enemy. In contrast, Dark Asuka mainly uses ranged attacks that can inflict damage to multiple enemies at once based on the  high attack power.

    In addition, each character battles with characters from the world of Chronicles using various skills modeled after various techniques seen in the animation. Users will be able to acquire the Collab Monsters more easily by using collaboration exclusive summoning scrolls and new content that allows you to experience the main characters of Evangelion will also be added with an update.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion‘ is a TV series animation that aired in 1995 which was very popular not only in Japan but also around the world and it’s an IP representing famous animator Hideaki Anno. The four parts of ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’ were released sequentially from 2007 to 2021, which Hideaki Anno directed personally for planning, writing, and general directing, drawing passionate support from existing fans as well as creating new fan bases.

    More detailed information and teasers about this collaboration can be found on the ‘Chronicles’ official forum, and related videos can be viewed on the official YouTube channel.


    character trailer:

    [Reference] “Summoners War: Chronicles” Official Forum

    For more information on Summoners War: Chronicles, check out the official website.