MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles releases its first big update today

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    MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles releases its first big update today

    – This update welcomes new Monsters, new game modes, the Two Ascensions expansion, plus 8 new in-game events! –

    March 23rd, 2023 – Com2uS’ action MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles releases new content in its very first update! Launched globally earlier this month on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and Windows with much critical acclaim, the game welcomes new Monsters to its roster, adds several new game modes, expands its Attribute Towers, and conducts 8 exciting in-game events – all starting today!

    The update adds some new Monsters into the mix! The 5★ Harp Magician (Light) can be summoned with pieces obtained from Guild Raid rewards while the 5★ Vampire Hunter (Fire, Water, Wind) can tap into a Rate Up summon. Meanwhile, the 5★ Vampire Hunter (Wind) will be summonable through the Guard Journal as a new Monster Story as well as the 4★ Martial Cat (Wind) and the Water Howl.

    The new content includes five new flavors of game modes:

    • Guild Raid – Each Guild Raid level can be entered by up to 24 players via the Guild Lobby, opening a new season every week. Each next level opens upon clearing the previous level. Obtainable rewards include level clear, contribution rank, and end of season rank rewards, as well as the Light Harp Magician Piece (5★).
    • Brawl Arena – Real-time 1 vs 1 battle with other players where each player bans a weapon attribute and selects a remaining one, then selects 4 Monsters in turns to ban an opponent’s Monster. A soul-link monster is selected from one of the remaining bunch. As a reward, the Arena Coins can be changed to “Brawl Seal”, which can be used to purchase items in the Arena Shop later.
    • Friend Battle – Set up the game mode, rules, and join conditions to create lobbies. Private lobbies can also be entered using a code. 
    • Party Dungeon – Elite: White Shadow Castle raid can be accessed with a maximum of 3 players to take on a powerful boss named Metus and players can earn Spirit Nightmare Equipment, Raid Coins, or various crafting materials as rewards. Players can also acquire the materials to craft the Frost Lantern Set.
    • Two Ascensions Expansion – Attribute Towers are expanded from 50F to 70F, with further achievements and Power of Ascensions added.

    There are a total of eight new events starting today to go along with the new update! These will grant players the opportunity to gather some exciting in-game rewards and items. 

    • The Plenty of Summons Event – Allows players to use Mystical Scrolls to summon new Monsters and acquire in-game items based on the summons completed
    • Arena Surprise Wheel – With a spin of the wheel, players earn points from the Challenge/Brawl Arena.
    • Incoming Guild Request – Once the request is completed, many rewards can be collected including Sky Stones and a Devilmon.
    • Conquer the Attribute Towers 2 Event – Rahil guards, step up for the challenge! To celebrate the expansion of the Attribute Towers, an Angelmons and a Legendary Scroll can be earned by clearing 51F and beyond.
    • Guild Raid Event – A new achievement-based co-op event has been added, encouraging guild members to work together to fight a powerful enemy to protect the Rahil Kingdom and to gain even more rewards!
    • Finding Secret Dungeons – Pick up Secret Energy through repeat requests to find the Secret Dungeon and secure various in-game rewards.
    • Spring Picnic Event – Attend a picnic with Monsters and win gifts! Ingredients must be gathered to create a meal box and spring flowers collected by hunting creatures, mining, and gathering.
    • Rate UP Event – Win rewards for every 200 Rate UP Summons performed through the Summon Altar, using the Milage in the 5★ Vampire Hunter Rate UP Summon Menu.

    Summoners War: Chronicles is now available on Google Play, App Store, Hive Crossplay, Google Play Games, and Steam. Available regions have been expanded to 170 countries throughout Europe, South America, Asia, etc., and supported in 14 different languages including English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc., to make the game accessible to fans across the globe. 

    For more information on Summoners War: Chronicles, check out the official website.