Summoners War: Chronicles becomes an unstoppable best-seller on PC and mobile

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    Summoners War: Chronicles becomes an unstoppable best-seller on PC and mobile

    – The game reaches over 5 million players globally, exceeding 110k concurrent users and dominates the store charts in less than a week.

    Summoners War: Chronicles is a Collectible MMORPG officially released globally on March 9th, 2023 on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and Windows. The number of players has been steadily increasing, exceeding 110k concurrent users on March 12th, and reaching 5 million cumulative users globally. The slogan “unstoppable together” already became a reality after a strong debut as it topped the games charts in both Germany and France, becoming the best-seller on Steam in France!

    In less than one week, Summoners War: Chronicles has climbed the charts across the world, becoming the number one popular download game in France on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It also quickly made it to number 1 on the Steam gross chart and continues to be one of the top-selling games on Steam.

    With over 350 monsters, Summoners War: Chronicles allows players to expand their Monster Collection, by summoning, collecting, upgrading and fighting with them in a 4-man team. The multiplayer experience gives players the choice to play together, join forces with a guild and link up with friends, while offering a wide variety of PvP and PvE challenges. Explore the colorful, vivid universe through collecting, farming, looting, and questing through the uniquely-designed anime world. For more information on the lore and the universe, please check the Game Introduction Guide

    “I’m thrilled to finally present the game we’ve been preparing for a long time. I’m confident that Chronicles will provide you with ample satisfaction in terms of the degree of completion and enjoyment,” states the game’s producer, Eun-jae Lee, on introducing Summoners War: Chronicles to European players. “ We’ll continue to keep the good service quality in the long term and communicate with European users to maintain high satisfaction.“

    Check out a full interview script with producer Eun-jae Lee here

    Summoners War: Chronicles is now available on Google Play, App Store, Hive Crossplay, Google Play Games, and Steam. Available regions have been expanded to 170 countries throughout Europe, South America, Asia, etc., and supported in 14 different languages including English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc., to make the game accessible to fans across the globe. 

    For more information on Summoners War: Chronicles, check out the official website.