Streets of Rogue 2 premieres jam-packed gameplay trailer at Triple-I Initiative Showcase, demo announced for June Next Fest

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    Streets of Rogue 2 premieres jam-packed gameplay trailer at Triple-I Initiative Showcase, demo announced for June Next Fest

    Pet (or ride) dogs, command rat armies, and rob banks in this highly anticipated indie open-world RPG

    SEATTLE, WA – April 10, 2024 – Publisher tinyBuild and solo indie developer Matt Dabrowski are excited to reveal the Official Gameplay Trailer for Streets of Rogue 2, an upcoming open-world RPG sandbox hitting Steam Early Access in 2024. The ambitious, over-the-top sequel to the critically acclaimed 2019 rogue-lite with more than 1 million copies sold, Streets of Rogue 2 invites players to embark on an unforgettable, endlessly replayable adventure in its crazy, immersive, and absolutely unpredictable open world, solo or with friends via co-op. Players can expect to get their hands on a  demo, coming to Steam during Next Fest in June 2024.



    • Dozens of unique and quirky playable classes (i.e., Ninja, Werewolf, Investment Banker, Alien…).
    • Seamless, procedurally generated open world with a map 100 times the size of a single level from Streets of Rogue 1 and multiple unique biomes from bustling cities to creepy forests.
    • An absurd amount of intertwined gameplay systems in the best tradition of immersive sims: destructible environments, hacking, smart NPC AI, mind control, farming, building, vehicles, etc.
    • You can pet the dog. And also ride the dog!
    • Flexible and deep RPG mechanics: skill trees, questing, factions, reputation.
    • Wreak havoc with a vast arsenal of items and weapons: shrink rays, bear traps, rat-summoning ocarina, Necronomicon, landmines, firearms, rocket launchers, and many more

    Streets of Rogue 2 is the culmination of nearly 10 years of ongoing work on the series. I’m looking forward to giving a sneak peek with the demo, and getting more content into everyone’s hands via Early Access later this year!” said Matt Dabrowski, creator of the Streets of Rogue franchise. 

    With more than 300.000 wishlists on Steam, Streets of Rogue 2 is one of the most anticipated indie games of 2024. The playable demo will be available on Steam during Next Fest in June 2024. Be sure to follow the latest news on X.

    About tinyBuild:
    tinyBuild started as an indie game developer and morphed into a developer-publisher you can’t miss. The company’s dedication to creating long-term partnerships and elevating recognizable franchises has resulted in many successful collaborations with talented developers from all over the world. The company has released dozens of games, including Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners, and more. Although headquartered in the Seattle Area, USA, the company has established a strong global presence with studios across the US, Netherlands, Latvia, and throughout Eastern Europe.

    About Matt Dabrowski:
    Matt Dabrowski is the solo game developer behind Streets of Rogue, a breakout indie hit that mixed immersive sim freeform creativity with roguelike and RPG elements. The game went on to sell more than one million copies across all platforms and become one of the staples of the roguelike genre. Matt began his game development journey back in his teen years, creating several pre-Steam indie titles while attending school. Prior to his foray into full-time solo development, Matt had minor roles in high-profile franchises like World of Warcraft and SimCity. Following the success of Streets of Rogue, Matt collaborated with publisher tinyBuild to work on the highly anticipated sequel.


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