[Video] Sandbox RPG Streets of Rogue 2 breaks down procedural open world generation in New Devlog

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    Sandbox RPG Streets of Rogue 2 breaks down procedural open world generation in New Devlog

    Sequel to 2019’s indie darling that sold more than 1 million copies surpassed 250,000 wishlists ahead of this year’s Early Access launch –

    February 15th, 2024 – In anticipation of Streets of Rogue 2’s launch into Early Access later this year, the game’s solo developer Matt Dabrowski discusses how his upcoming sequel’s procedural world generation works in a new devlog, featuring a behind-the-scenes look into the mayhem-filled, open-world RPG that encourages all kinds of chaotic play.


    Dive into the nitty-gritty work of creating diverse procedurally generated content. Each playthrough of Streets of Rogue 2 offers a completely new, randomized world based on a scaled-down version of a small country’s map. Take a first peek at some of the promising biomes, from rundown slums and sleepy suburbs to lush forest lakes and island beaches.

    Learn great tips about game development, including the multiple algorithms Matt uses when creating maps from scratch, different ranges of measurements, how to position city clusters, landscapes, and roads, or how he places items and buildings in each location. 

    As development progresses, players can replicate everything found in the game, like walls, flooring, and objects. Not into city building? Fear not – make use of pre-made structures for a quick turn around.

    For those looking for more chaotic action, the sky’s the limit. Matt teases a variety of potential features pending fan demand, including a zoomed-out, city building function reminiscent of tycoon games exclusive for town mayors. Or better yet – a mutator to confuse the heck out of the AI in charge of real life mechanics, allowing players to build a brick wall in the middle of roads and to lock NPCs in doorless rooms.

    Applications for Streets of Rogue 2’s first pre-alpha playtest are still open; fill out this form for a chance to participate.


    Streets of Rogue 2 will launch on Steam Early Access in 2024. For more information, visit the Streets of Rogue official website, follow @madguy90 and @streetsofrogue on Twitter, and wishlist it on Steam.

    About tinyBuild:
    tinyBuild started as an indie game developer and morphed into a developer-publisher you can’t miss. The company’s dedication to creating long-term partnerships and elevating recognizable franchises has resulted in many successful collaborations with talented developers from all over the world. The company has released dozens of games, including Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners, and more. Although headquartered in the Seattle Area, USA, the company has established a strong global presence with studios across the US, Netherlands, Latvia, and throughout Eastern Europe.

    About Matt Dabrowski:
    Matt Dabrowski is the solo game developer behind Streets of Rogue, a breakout indie hit that mixed immersive sim freeform creativity with roguelike and RPG elements. The game went on to sell more than one million copies across all platforms and become one of the staples of the roguelike genre. Matt began his game development journey back in his teen years, creating several pre-Steam indie titles while attending school. Prior to his foray into full-time solo development, Matt had minor roles on high profile franchises like World of Warcraft and SimCity. Following the success of Streets of Rogue, Matt collaborated with publisher tinyBuild to work on the highly anticipated sequel.


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