Com2uS Holdings introduces Bonded Warehouse to The Walking Dead: All-Stars

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    Com2uS Holdings introduces Bonded Warehouse to The Walking Dead: All-Stars

    – New content added to the game as well as a new character and various in-game events. –

    Com2uS Holdings has launched the grand-scale global update, Bonded Warehouse for The Walking Dead: All-Stars, its mobile collection RPG. In addition to this new content, a new strategic warlord character named Malcolm has been introduced, as well as a new chapter and numerous in-game events.

    The update provides new content, Bonded Warehouse, for a limited time until January 14th. Taking place in Buffalo, New York, players can explore all around the bonded warehouse where various items are stacked and complete missions to get plentiful rewards including Personal Gear Enhance Materials. Requirements for each mission are different such as only allowing characters with a certain alignment to join the battle, so it is expected to maximize players’ interests.

    Malcolm, a new epic character, will also be revealed. Malcolm is the first warlord character to appear since Emily, who joined The Walking Dead: All-Stars last August, thus possessing high strategic utility in battles. As a warlord character, he does whatever it takes to survive using his various skills. His ultimate skill, As Planned, increases the attacking skills of the strongest ally and his other skills including Solid Proof and Tricks also work as a survival mechanism for himself.

    A new chapter will be added. Chapter 36 tells the story about a survivor group uniting with the other small community outside of Asyl to enhance their power for survival.

    Numerous events will be held with the update. Players can get various items including Survivor Choice Recruit Ticket through Town Management and 7-Day Login Event which will be held until January 2nd. Also, players can search the basement to get strong characters including Jesus and useful items through the Basement Search event from December 28th to January 8th.

    The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a mobile collection RPG created with the synergy between FUNFLOW and Com2uS Holdings. The Walking Dead: All-Stars features unique illustrations of post-apocalyptic mood inspired by the original The Walking Dead comics from Skybound Entertainment along with newly created characters just for the game.


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