Com2uS Holdings’ Brings Global Server Integrated PvP to The Walking Dead: All-Stars

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    Com2uS Holdings’ Brings Global Server Integrated PvP to The Walking Dead: All-Stars

    – – Releases Underground Bunker, a global server integrated PvP
    – Introduces a new character, Bell, and users can try her skills out through Mysterious Survivor content
    – Holds events including 7-Day Survival Support Event and 14-Day Growth Support Event –

    Com2uS Holdings has announced an update for The Walking Dead: All Stars, its mobile collection RPG.

    Underground Bunker, a new frontier PvP content, will be released following the update. Any users can freely participate in the PvP without restrictions on the server at the Underground Bunker, which will be open for a limited time until December 3rd. Users will be able to engage in fierce combat against other users as characters’ level will be adjusted. Depending on the victory points obtained in the combat, users can rank among six different tiers. Rewards such as Alignment Choice Recruit Ticket will be provided differentially according to the tier. When a certain user makes it to the highest tier, Challenger, every member of the users’ community will get Gold Bars.

    Bell, a new epic character, will be introduced through the update. Bell is a predator character who uses a gun and a rope wrapped in barbed wire as her main weapons. She is capable of attacking both the farthest and the nearest enemy. Her ultimate skill is to throw a rope at the enemy with the highest energy and fire a gun to deal great damage. Users can try her skills out at a new content called Mysterious Survivor. By exploring a dungeon with Bell and the other survivors, users can obtain various items such as Gold Bars and Skill Manuals. In addition, Chapter 35 will be newly added in the main content, World. Chapter 35 is about the journey of a second party to support the advance party that left to union with the northern region survivor group.

    A number of events will be held to commemorate the large-scale update. 7-Day Survival Support Event will be held until December 5th. Users can get various items including Reward Select Chest and Normal Recruit Ticket when logging into the game for seven days. Users can also get plentiful rewards such as Alignment Choice Recruit Ticket and Skill Manual through 14-Day Growth Support Event which will be open from November 29th to December 19th.

    The Walking Dead: All-Stars is an all-new mobile collection RPG created with the synergy between FUNFLOW and Com2uS Holdings. The Walking Dead: All-Stars features unique illustrations of post-apocalyptic mood inspired by the original The Walking Dead comic from Skybound Entertainment along with newly created characters just for the game.


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