Com2uS Holdings expands the story of its mobile collection RPG The Walking Dead: All-Stars with a spinoff story “Seoul”

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    Com2uS Holdings expands the story of its mobile collection RPG The Walking Dead: All-Stars with a spinoff story “Seoul”

    – Embarking on a new adventure, this spinoff series begins with a new chapter, presents an additional character, and entices players to earn rewards through the latest Survival Records and events! –

    Com2uS Holdings brings a captivating spinoff series to its mobile collection RPG, The Walking Dead: All-Stars. These stories will expand the original narrative, starting with a new chapter that introduces players to a fresh character. New Survival Records and events have also been added to grant players opportunities to win more rewards!

    The first spinoff, “Seoul, is about Korean survivors struggling to stay alive in the apocalypse. It tells the story of a group of survivors attempting to fight against Walkers at a survival camp in a subway station in the capital city of Seoul. The spinoff series starts with recently added chapter 41 and an original Survival Record called “Hope Overseas”.

    A new Korean survivor will open this first spinoff named Junhyuk, a former teacher at a junior high school, who now leads a group of survivors in a subway station. He wields a rifle to fight Walkers off and can launch grenades at the battlefield to deal great damage. Unlike the existing survivors of The Walking Dead: All-Stars with specific alignments, his alignment is Unknown. Unknown survivors can not be valuable by themselves – they need to interact and be paired up with the other existing survivors to reveal their abilities and potential contributions, showcasing their true worth as they progress through their community.

    Alongside the new survivor, two new Survival Records are available. Players can now explore a new story dubbed “Community Member” and challenge survivor groups’ combat power by playing through a new Challenge Mode called “People from the Outskirts”.

    In addition, this spinoff comes with a bunch of events. A Warehouse Clearance event will be held until June 4th to reward players who successfully match pairs of cards. A Town Management event with a bingo will go live until June 6th. Players can acquire various items through 7-Day Survival Support and 14-Day Growth Support events as well.

    The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a mobile collection RPG developed by FUNFLOW and published by Com2uS Holdings. The game features unique illustrations of post-apocalyptic mood inspired by the original The Walking Dead comics from Skybound Entertainment along with newly created characters just for the game.

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