Com2uS Holdings brings an all-new PvP to mobile RPG The Walking Dead: All-Stars

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    Com2uS Holdings brings an all-new PvP to mobile RPG The Walking Dead: All-Stars

    – A content-filled update is now available, including a new character, a wide array of events, and the new PvP, Frontier Search. –

    April 18th, 2023Com2uS Holdings is rolling out a major update for The Walking Dead: All-Stars, its mobile collection RPG, bringing in exciting new content and improved gameplay. Players can earn rewards through the new Frontier Search PvP event and meet the new character Protector Carl, the grown up son of Rick Grimes. Among the many events, the Ghost Town Search, Spring Season, and 7-Day Survival Support events invite players to participate from today.

    The top 10 Players at the existing PvP Frontier can sign up to fight at the Frontier Search Event which will be held on a two-week seasonal basis until June 11th. Players can designate survivors in their winning formation and the battle will be conducted automatically every day. Players can receive points by winning the battle and obtaining useful rewards such as Benefit Material based on their points. In addition to the Frontier Search Event, a new Chapter 40 and a new Survival Record will be added.

    The other highlight of this update is a new character, Protector Carl. He is the son of Rick Grimes, the main character from The Walking Dead original comics. Protector Carl is a grown-up figure of the existing Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead: All-Stars. He wears an eye patch over his one eye to cover the wound from his childhood, but he is capable of attacking enemies as a skillful survivor, by slashing them with a katana to deal great damage.

    On top of this, the update brings a wide array of events for players. The newly added Ghost Town Search has been set to go live from now until April 30th. Players can create their own search team by checking the entry limit for each building in an abandoned city and search for useful items. Alongside the Ghost Town Search event, players can receive numerous rewards through the Spring Season Event and the 7-Day Survival Support Event.

    The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a mobile collection RPG developed by FUNFLOW and published by Com2uS Holdings. The game features unique illustrations of post-apocalyptic mood inspired by the original The Walking Dead comics from Skybound Entertainment along with newly created characters just for the game.

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