300,000 Terra Nil activists make the world a little greener

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    300,000 Terra Nil activists make the world a little greener


    It’s been a week since Terra Nil—the chill environmental strategy game from tree-hugging developer Free Lives and wind-powered publisher Devolver Digital—was released into the wild, and the response has been warmer than a reclaimed tropical wasteland.

    300,000 of you have played the game so far, and that number is growing every day like a lush field of fynbos. To all the eco-warriors who have helped turn Terra Nil‘s barren wastelands into thriving ecosystems so far: thank you.

    To celebrate the positive response to the game, Devolver Digital has put together an accolades trailer highlighting some of the nicest things critics have said about Terra Nil‘s unique twist on the builder genre, which you can watch here:


    But Terra Nil isn’t just a good game; it’s also a game for good.

    An army of eco-conscious streamers and their viewers—the Terra Nil Tree Warriors—planted 45,528 trees around the world, capturing 5,964 tonnes of CO2 across 43 hectares of reforested land.

    Not only that, but Free Lives will donate 8% of their profits from sales of Terra Nil on Steam to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

    Terra Nil is available now on PC and mobile via Netflix Games. Visit terranil.com or follow @terra_nil on Twitter for more information.


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