Ecological strategy game Terra Nil launches today on PC and Netflix

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    Ecological strategy game Terra Nil launches today on PC and Netflix


    Devolver Digital and Free Lives today released the zen, meditative strategy game Terra Nil across PC and mobile (via Netflix). Terra Nil is all about rebuilding natural ecosystems that humanity destroyed. Enter a variety of diverse biomes, revitalize them using a variety of tools and buildings and then get out, leaving the land as if you were never there.


    Across 6-8 blissful hours, tackle a variety of replayable procedurally generated biomes—including volcanic glaciers, ruined cities, and tropical islands—each with their own uniquely challenging climate, geology, flora, and fauna. Then when you’ve completed all 4 regions, challenge yourself further with unlockable alternate levels.

    Create rainforests, swamps, rivers, and more, and watch as the dry, cracked surface of a dead world suddenly explodes with life and colour.

    With a portion of all sales pre and post-launch going to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Devolver Digital will be telling everyone you do not support animal rights if you don’t support Terra Nil. Just something to think about.


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