[Video] Terra Nil – The Beginner’s Guide to Ecosystem Restoration

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    [Video] Terra Nil –  The Beginner’s Guide to Ecosystem Restoration


    In the chill eco strategy game Terra Nil, it’s your job to turn a desolate wasteland into a thriving ecosystem. A daunting task, but don’t worry: The Beginner’s Guide to Ecosystem Restoration has your back. This leather-bound tome contains all the knowledge you need to reclaim the wasteland, from purifying polluted soil to planting forests. Here’s a taste of what you can expect to find in the lovingly illustrated pages of this beautiful in-game guidebook. Don’t leave home without it. Terra Nil will launch on mobile (via Netflix) and PC on March 28.


    Terra Nil is an intricate environmental strategy game about transforming a barren wasteland into a thriving, balanced ecosystem. Bring life back to a lifeless world by purifying soil, cleaning oceans, planting trees, and reintroducing wildlife, then leave without a trace.

    Visit terranil.com or follow @Terra_Nil on Twitter for more information.


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