Summoners War 5th Anniversary Special! Let’s Build a Mangrove Forest Together!

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    Press Release


    Seoul, South Korea – May 14th, 2019

    Summoners War 5th Anniversary Special! Let’s Build a Mangrove Forest Together!

    – Com2uS has started a global CSR event where players of Summoners War from all around the world participate in celebration of the game’s 5th anniversary –

    – Summoners will be participating to achieve group missions and a donation will be made to build a mangrove forest as of improving global environment when the goal is reached –

    Com2uS has announced that Summoners War has started the CSR project to where Summoners from all over the world can participate in celebration of its 5th anniversary (App StoreGoogle Play).


    This event is a global CSR project designed to present a healthy environment to future generations and users from all over the world can participate.

    Users on all servers will participate in the event to collect Donation Fruits. When the total number of Donation Fruits reaches 50 million, Com2uS will make a donation to Korea Green Foundation to support global environment improvement.

    The donation will be used to create and preserve a mangrove forest for future generations to live in a healthier environment, to prevent global warming and to restore the ecosystem.

    The event opened on May 13th, and users have to achieve individual missions and group missions. Users can receive a variety of in-game items as rewards when achieving each mission.

    Com2uS is holding various events where users from all over the world can enjoy together in celebration of Summoners War’s 5th anniversary.

    More info on the 5th anniversary fundraising event can be found at the Official Summoners War Facebook Page ( and on the Official Website (

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