Master your mind and control the cosmos in 2D puzzle platformer Quadroids™, out February 22

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    Master your mind and control the cosmos in 2D puzzle platformer Quadroids™, out February 22

    Take control, strategize and sacrifice your army of bots to survive a gauntlet of over 100 levels in the debut title from Blue Loop Studio

    Paris, France February 15th, 2024 –  Publishers Fabloo Games and Maximum Entertainment are excited to announce that new mind twisting puzzle platformer, Quadroids™, is releasing on February 22 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.


    Crafted by solo-developer Blue Loop Studio, Quadroids puts you in the role of assisting an evil robotic overlord, Roboctopus, in its quest for galactic domination. With an army of devious bots – Quadroids – you’ll navigate over 100 crafty trials, dodging pools of acid, lasers, and all manner of death-dealing dangers. 

    A demo is available on all consoles. It features first game levels and a level in a more advanced zone to feel the complexity of the game!

    Your Quadroids are expendable, and the key to your success will be your willingness to sacrifice them – leaving one bot to die may create an essential platforming opportunity to reach the end of the level. A truly mind-melting test of coordination and skill awaits. But beware… play Quadroids at your own risk! We decline responsibility for any damages that might be caused to your neocortex.


    • Four Screens, One Player Control the Quadroids across four screens simultaneously for the ultimate coordination challenge. 
    • Survive the Perils of Space – A myriad of hazards await! Avoid acid baths, dodge spikes and manipulate your environment.
    • Sacrifices Must Be Made! – Every death is a platforming opportunity. Sacrifice bots to secure victory.
    • Assist an Evil Robotic Overlord – Over 100 levels stand between your army and intergalactic domination.
    • Ask for Help – Play with up to 4 people who can take over one or more of the screens to help you become “Employee of the month”!
    • Stream Your Struggles – Twitch integration allows for streamers to interact with their audiences, giving viewers partial or total command over their screens! Viewers can also ‘volunteer’ to be featured in the game… and gently be sacrificed… Oops!

    “We can’t wait to unleash Quadroids and see how people get on with it,” says Guillaume Crouzille, Quadroids creator. “We’ve really found something unique in the platforming genre, adding multiple characters to control simultaneously, along with the way you overcome obstacles – there’s nothing else like Quadroids!”.

    For more on Quadroids, visit the game’s Steam page, Twitter, or Discord. To find more about Maximum Entertainment, take a look at their Website, Facebook or Instagram pages.

    About Blue Loop 
    Blue Loop is an indie developer from Northern France, focused on fun and intense video game experiences. After 8 years at Ankama as a developer / game designer working on titles like Dofus Arena and Wakfu, a quick shot as an indie for 2 years and another 4 years as a software developer for Elosi, Guillaume Crouzille decided to go solo and started his own studio Blue Loop. Quadroids is the studio’s debut title.

    About Fabloo Games 
    Fabloo Games is an indie publisher founded by Michael Sportouch (former European VP of Activision Publishing) in 2018. Their mission is to discover and bring amazing indie gems to the video games market, delivering the next big hit. Fabloo Games is passionate about working with indie developers and studios around the world.

    About Maximum Entertainment 
    Maximum Entertainment is a global entertainment company dedicated to crafting indie to AA video game experiences through original content and licensed partnerships. A fully integrated group with a broad portfolio of content, the company emphasizes collaboration and inclusivity in its partnerships to produce the highest level of interactive entertainment. With more than 300 titles in its catalog, Maximum Entertainment has joined forces with talented creators and renowned franchises around the globe to deliver magic to the gamer in everyone. Maximum Entertainment employs more than 200 professionals across the entire value chain of video games including development, publishing, transmedia, sales, and operations. Visit Maximum Entertainment at