Manage Your Space Agency And Be The First To Set Foot On The Red Planet in Mars Horizon, Available Now

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    Manage Your Space Agency And Be The First To Set Foot On The Red Planet in Mars Horizon, Available Now

    – Featuring a 10% discount across all platforms –

    LONDON – November 17th, 2020 – The Irregular Corporation (PC Building Simulator, Murder By Numbers), and Auroch Digital (Megaquarium) are excited to announce the launch of their hotly anticipated space agency management simulator, Mars Horizon. Available now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™, Mars Horizon arrives alongside a 10% discount off its €17.99 price to celebrate launch week on all platforms except for PlayStation 4, where a subscription to PlayStation Plus is needed to access the discount.

    Check out the game’s official launch trailer here: 


    In Mars Horizon, players take control of their very own space agency at the dawn of the space age, with the ultimate goal of setting foot on the surface of Mars. Players manage scientific focus, public support and of course, funds, as they endeavor to complete missions and send their astronauts into space. Agency directors also contend with other major space agencies who have the same goals, choosing to work together or venture out on their own.

    During missions, players face tense turn-based gameplay that determines their success or failure. Every single decision is critical, will you spend power to fix a malfunctioning antenna or save it in case of an oxygen leak? Perhaps risking that extra three months of mission planning could have prevented disaster? Which technologies should you research? Which rockets should you build? Should you aim for the moon first or head straight to Mars?

    Mars Horizon was developed with the cooperation of the European Space Agency, where staff, including ExoMars team members, consulted on the actual process of planning and executing a mission to Mars. ESA’s ongoing and global contribution in advancing our exploration of space, for all humanity, is reflected in the passion and missions of the game.

    Mars Horizon’s OST, which includes exclusive bonus material and rearrangements, is now available on Steam. The soundtrack is also available through Mars Horizon’s Orbital Edition, which bundles the game and soundtrack together for a 15% discount.

    Launch over to Twitter and follow @AurochDigital and @IrregularCorp. Additionally, head to the website for more information. Learn more about ESA at and follow them on Twitter @ESA. The European Space Agency receives no financial compensation from this game and subsequent sale.

    About The Irregular Corporation
    Inspired by the different passions of players across the world, The Irregular Corporation has been publishing unique and engaging games since 2015. With a focus on releasing exciting new experiences across a variety of genres, The Irregular Corporation is a global team of passionate industry professionals that use their experience to support independent developers and help realise the full potential of their games. Our published titles include PC Building Simulator, Good Company and we have recently announced Mars Horizon. 

    About Auroch Digital
    An independent game development studio founded in 2010 and based in Bristol, UK. The studio works on original titles, partnerships, and work-for-hire projects, specialising in strategy and digital tabletop games. Auroch also has an interest in making games that relate to and deal with real-world issues.

    About the European Space Agency (ESA)
    The European Space Agency (ESA) provides Europe’s gateway to space. ESA is an intergovernmental organisation, created in 1975, with the mission to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space delivers benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. ESA has 22 Member States: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Slovenia and Latvia are Associate Members.

    ESA has established formal cooperation with six Member States of the EU. Canada takes part in some ESA programmes under a Cooperation Agreement.

    By coordinating the financial and intellectual resources of its members, ESA can undertake programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country. It is working in particular with the EU on implementing the Galileo and Copernicus programmes as well as with Eumetsat for the development of meteorological missions.

    ESA develops the launchers, spacecraft and ground facilities needed to keep Europe at the forefront of global space activities.

    Today, it develops and launches satellites for Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications and astronomy, sends probes to the far reaches of the Solar System and cooperates in the human exploration of space. ESA also has a strong applications programme developing services in Earth observation, navigation and telecommunications.

    Learn more about ESA at

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