Crunchyroll announces release dates for highly anticipated anime soccer spin-off, BLUE LOCK THE MOVIE -EPISODE NAGI-

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    Crunchyroll announces release dates for
    highly anticipated anime soccer spin-off,

    BLUE LOCK THE MOVIE -EPISODE NAGI-, a new story focusing on the fan-favorite character Nagi Seishiro, is the first film in the action-packed sports anime BLUE LOCK series. –

    Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment will bring the film to theaters in Europe and beyond beginning June 2024.

    May 13, 2024Crunchyroll, the ultimate home for anime worldwide, announced theatrical dates for the highly anticipated soccer anime film BLUE LOCK THE MOVIE -EPISODE NAGI-. Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment will bring the sports thriller to theaters starting June 2024


    Theatrical release dates for the film include:

    • June 27: Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine
    • June 28: Estonia, Latvia, Nigeria
    • July 4: Croatia, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia
    • July 5:  Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom
    • July 11: Netherlands
    • July 12: Norway, Romania, South Africa
    • July 17: Italy
    • July 18: Czech Republic, Iceland, Slovak Republic
    • July 19: Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Kenya
    • July 23: Austria, Germany
    • July 31: France

    Further territories are currently being added, with additional release dates to follow.

    The first film from the hit anime sports franchise, BLUE LOCK THE MOVIE -EPISODE NAGI- serves as a side story to the series, following high schooler Nagi Seishiro as he discovers his hidden talent for soccer. The first season of BLUE LOCK is now available to stream on Crunchyroll

    Official Film Synopsis:

    “That’s a hassle.” That was second-year high schooler Nagi Seishiro’s favorite phrase as he lived his dull life. Until Mikage Reo, a classmate who dreamed of winning the World Cup, discovered Nagi’s hidden skill, inspiring him to play soccer and share his outstanding talent. One day, he receives an invitation to the mysterious BLUE LOCK Project. What awaits him there is an encounter with the finest strikers assembled from across the country. Nagi’s dream of becoming the best, alongside Reo, will take this prodigy to a world he’s never known. 

    A prodigy can only be shaped when someone discovers him….now, striker Nagi Seishiro’s incredible talent and persona will set the soccer world ablaze.

    Credits: Directed by Shunsuke Ishikawa. Original story by Muneyuki Kaneshiro. Manga by Kouta Sannomiya. Character Design by Yusuke Nomura. Composition and Screenplay by Taku Kishimoto. Music by Jun Murayama. Produced by Eightbit. 

    About BLUE LOCK:

    BLUE LOCK follows the dreams of 300 high school students who aim to become an absolute ace striker and lead the Japan’s Men’s National Team to win the next World Cup tournament. However, if they are eliminated from the BLUE LOCK training program they will never be able to play for the national team and their career is finished. Only one whose ego and skill triumphs over all will emerge on top. Based on the award-winning manga of the same name written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, illustrated by Yusuke Nomura and serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine with over 30 million copies in circulation, the anime debuted in October 2022 and was one of the most popular series during its simulcast season.

    About Crunchyroll
    Crunchyroll, LLC is an independently operated joint venture between US-based Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Japan’s Aniplex, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., both subsidiaries of Tokyo-based Sony Group. Films distributed and marketed by Crunchyroll – domestically and internationally – have a proven track record of both box office and critical success. Not only have Crunchyroll films seen box office success, but have also been recognized with numerous awards accolades and been accepted and screened at international film festivals around the globe.

    Editor’s note: please note that the title of the film and series should be written in all capital letters  – “BLUE LOCK” and “BLUE LOCK THE MOVIE -EPISODE NAGI-”.

    ©Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Kota Sannomiya, Yusuke Nomura, KODANSHA/BLUE LOCK MOVIE Production Committee.


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