Com2uS Holdings brings an extreme Challenge Mode to mobile RPG The Walking Dead: All-Stars

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    Com2uS Holdings brings an extreme Challenge Mode to mobile RPG The Walking Dead: All-Stars

    – In addition to the all-new Challenge Mode, this update includes a new character, Popular Ranks, a Trade system, and a vast array of events. –

    Com2uS Holdings has announced a major update for The Walking Dead: All-Stars, its mobile collection RPG. This new content includes an all-new Challenge Mode, a new warlord character coming to Asyl, as well as the new Popular Ranks and Trade systems. Players will also be able to participate in a wide variety of events to win in-game rewards and acquire gear.

    This update brings an all-new Challenge Mode to the game which allows players to attempt three different levels of challenges to test their survivors’ combat power in extreme situations. Players can acquire rare items including Class-exclusive Special Gear and Enhance Material as rewards for winning the Challenge Mode battles.

    In addition to the new content, a new warlord character named Lang is joining Asyl. Lang is a menacing hunter disguised in clothes woven from nets and grass and his attacking skills are quite brutal. He targets the strongest enemy and hunts them down until they die. Lang receives different stat boosts based on his deployed row, either in the front or the back, so it is important to consider strategic skill combinations with other survivors.

    One of the most notable parts of this update is the new systems. Popular Ranks has been added to help players find useful information including popular characters, special gear, etc. Players who are new to the game can now search for information to check out who the most popular characters are and how to deploy them as a team. The original players will be able to utilize Popular Ranks to check out various ranked categories to reorganize their strategies for stronger characters. This update will also offer a Trade system where players can trade their extra Overseer or Warlord characters who have already been fully upgraded for a character of their choice regardless of their alignment.

    Com2uS Holdings is bringing a vast array of events along with this update. Players can get a Reward Select Chest by completing a bingo game in the Town Management event until April 3rd. Alongside Town Management, Quench Your Thirst! will open up on March 23rd. Dice can be collected by completing daily quests. Players roll the dice on a gameboard to obtain water bottles to exchange with various items including a Gear Upgrade Material Box. The 7-Day Survival Support Event and 14-Day Growth Support Event will go live as well.

    The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a mobile collection RPG developed by FUNFLOW and published by Com2uS Holdings. The game features unique illustrations of post-apocalyptic mood inspired by the original The Walking Dead comics from Skybound Entertainment along with newly created characters just for the game.

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