CCP Games Celebrates EVE Online Player Achievements in 2022

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  • Press Release

    CCP Games Celebrates EVE Online Player Achievements in 2022


    Celebrating the cosmic accomplishments by EVE Online players in 2022, CCP Games has created a special video spotlighting the efforts of capsuleers throughout New Eden!

    Since January 2022, capsuleers have: 

    • Played a total of 184,934,779 hours
    • Defeated 1,455,957,772 NPCs
    • Destroyed a staggering 810,755,757,143,624 ISK worth of in-game items
    • …and much more!

    To see the breakdown of selected highlights, watch the special spotlight video below and check out the EVE 2022 Global Leaderboards here.


    EVE players can also look forward to receiving an email breakdown of some of their own EVE Online 2022 accomplishments today.

    Lastly, the holiday season returns to EVE Online with the Winter Nexus event, available through January 3, 2023. This year’s event features Volatile Ice Storms, festive daily challenges, seasonal rewards, offers, and more. More information about the Winter Nexus event can be found here