Ace Fishing: Crew makes a splash on mobile devices this July 20th!

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    Ace Fishing: Crew makes a splash on mobile devices this July 20th!

    – Players can pre-register through other popular Com2uS titles to win awards! –

    Com2uS announces that their 3D sports game Ace Fishing: Crew will launch on July 20th for mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play. Based on the popular Ace Fishing IP, which boasts over 70 million downloads globally, Ace Fishing: Crew is a collection-based leisure game set in a 3D graphic underwater world, allowing players to explore various marine environments and enjoy fishing in a first-person view. The controls have been simplified to ensure players can experience the joy of fishing with just one hand while preserving the immersive fishing experience.

    Additionally, the game offers various forms of entertainment. Players can create their own party by combining game characters with unique personalities, catch various fish, upgrade equipment and boats for progression, while enjoying a collection-based RPG-like system. The game provides a wide range of enjoyable content, including developing recipes with the acquired fish to operate a restaurant and participating in fishing competitions or expeditions to obtain special rewards.

    Leading up to the release of Ace Fishing: Crew, Com2uS is also conducting a cross pre-registration event with six of its popular games, including Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, Summoners War: Sky Arena, Summoners War: Chronicles, Com2uS Pro Baseball 2023, MLB 9 Innings 23, and NBA NOW 23. Completing the pre-registration for Ace Fishing: Crew through these games will provide players with rewards for the game such as Crew Member Acquisition Tickets and Equipment Draw Tickets as well as rewards for the respective games. Additionally, participating in the pre-registration on each app market will grant players a legendary-grade crew member, Evelyn.

    Jihoon Han, the Head of Game Business Group, commented, “Ace Fishing: Crew, the sequel to Ace Fishing: Wild Catch boasts the highest global IP power among fishing games and will finally meet users worldwide. With improved graphics and systems as well as new and diverse content, we expect impressive global achievements that will follow the success of the previous title.”

    Ace Fishing: Crew will launch globally on July 20th in 12 different languages including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Thai, and others. Visit the game’s official YouTube channel and for more information on Ace Fishing: Crew and its pre-registration event, check out the official brand page.


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