Com2uS begins global pre-registration for 2 new mobile titles Ace Fishing: Crew and Minigame Party: Pocket Edition

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    Com2uS begins global pre-registration for 2 new mobile titles Ace Fishing: Crew and Minigame Party: Pocket Edition


    Com2uS announces pre-registration for two new titles on mobile: Ace Fishing: Crew and Minigame Party: Pocket Edition. Both games can be pre-registered now until the global launch and all participants will receive exclusive awards! 

    Ace Fishing: Crew
    Unlike Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, which allowed users to enjoy fishing on a boat, Ace Fishing: Crew lets users explore the underwater world in a first-person perspective with 3D graphics, adding a new level of immersion to the game. It is designed to allow users to enjoy fishing while seeing various fish species and marine environments. In addition, the game has added depth to its worldview by introducing various characters called “crew members” with different stories. Users can collect crew members and create parties using each crew member’s “type” to conquer different areas with various difficulty levels, providing a wide variety of fun elements.


    Jihoon Han, the head of the game business division, said, “We have maintained the strengths of the original game, which allow users to enjoy thrilling gameplay with simple controls, and added new fun through underwater fishing and crew member collection systems.” He also expressed his expectation that users will be able to experience a more immersive sports game with Ace Fishing: Crew, the next game based on Com2us’ global hit IP, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch.

    The pre-registration for Ace Fishing: Crew will be available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store until the global launch later this year. It will be open to users worldwide and all participants will receive one 4-star crew card as a gift. Meanwhile, you can find the link to participate in the pre-registration for Ace Fishing: Crew and more detailed information about the game on the official page.

    Minigame Party: Pocket Edition
    Minigame Party: Pocket Edition features easy and simple gameplay providing a variety of mini-games with different fun and characteristics. With various game packages and cute characters, its previous series gained sensational popularity with a cumulative 19 million downloads when it was released in the 2000s. Com2uS will maintain the original identity of the game, including the whimsical sentimentality and simple controls, and add new trendy mini-games and content to the new Minigame Party: Pocket Edition.  The game will be available in 13 languages worldwide, including English, Korean, French, German, Japanese, and Thai. 

    Minigame Party: Pocket Edition also launched its pre-registration via the Google Play Store with exclusive rewards. Generous gifts have been prepared for pre-registration participants. Com2uS will give out a limited edition character, “Koni,” as well as Paradise Party Costume Set and 20 Normal Game Entry Tickets to help users enjoy the game to the fullest. 

    For more information, visit Com2uS’ official website and visit the store pages for more information on the games.


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