10 Minutes of Unfiltered Hard Reset Redux Gameplay – Coming June 3 to PC & Consoles

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    Press Release

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    May 19th, 2016

    10 Minutes of Unfiltered Hard Reset Redux Gameplay – Coming June 3 to PC & Consoles

    – Flying Wild Hog and Gambitious Digital Entertainment’s blast from the future is coming to PC & Consoles on June 3rd and is packing 10 minutes of unflinching gameplay –

    Unapologetically over-the-top and forged from old-school brutality, a modern classic FPS returns to show the kids how it’s done. Hard Reset Redux is coming June 3 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

    The world as we know it has ceased to exist. Surrounded by vast, hostile wastelands, the remnants of humankind’s dwindling population live within the closed city of Bezoar, but the walls have been breached. As a CLN soldier, you are all that stands between the hive mind machines of The Sanctuary and total extinction.

    Check out 10 minutes of pure gameplay from Hard Reset Redux:

    No level grinding fluff. No pointlessly tacked-on multiplayer. Just a hardcore, no-#@%$-given, single-player FPS. Hard Reset Redux re-energizes Flying Wild Hog’s cyberpunk shooter for a new audience with an upgraded visual engine and rebalanced gameplay, along with new enemies and weaponry.

    From developer Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior 1 and 2), and publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment, Hard Reset Redux comes to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 3rd.

    For more information about Hard Reset Redux please visit http://gambitious.com/games/hard-reset-redux and follow us on Twitter, @GambitiousInc or like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FlyingWildHog.

    About Flying Wild Hog
    Flying Wild Hog is a game production studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Our studio is set on developing high quality titles for hardcore gamers  – our biggest love are First Person Shooters, and this is what we do best! We currently employ over 110 people in our Warsaw and Cracow studios. Right now we are working on two projects: Shadow Warrior 2 and yet unannounced FPS title

    About Gambitious Digital Entertainment
    Launched in 2012, Gambitious, Inc. is the first global crowd-financing platform exclusively for games.  With a mission to create and foster a sustainable ecosystem for independent game creation and publishing, Gambitious utilizes its evolving set of creative crowd financing tools and techniques to get more great game titles funded, produced, and successfully released.  The company’s publishing label, Gambitious Digital Entertainment, was created in 2014 to offer professional, developer-friendly production, marketing, and distribution services in order to ensure a timely return to investors and developers on the projects. Gambitious has successfully established partnerships and released its titles on Steam, XB1, PS4, Sony Vita, GoG, Humble, and the Mac Store as well as a number of emerging global digital distributors. For more information, visit www.gambitious.com

    More press releases and hot news from Gambitious are available here.


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