Party Time at InnoGames – Happy Birthday Grepolis & Tribal Wars 2

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    Hamburg, September 22, 2016

    Party Time at InnoGames – Happy Birthday Grepolis & Tribal Wars 2


    This month, InnoGames celebrates two of their games’ birthdays with a series of events. Next to Tribal Wars 2, which was released in September 2014, players of the ancient Greece MMO Grepolis can prepare to party. Since 2009, people from around the world come together in this classic strategy game to fight for supremacy in the ancient world. This makes Grepolis one of the oldest and most successful international free-to-play games.

    As a treat this month, Tribal Wars 2 and Grepolis players can participate in a special contest and win premium currency. To take part, participants have to watch the latest episode of InnoGames TV and answer the questions asked by the host Diana. In addition, Grepolis starts a very special in-game birthday party where players can get culture points more easily.


    Grepolis is a strategy game set in Ancient Greece. In the free browser-based title, players are tasked with building up a vast metropolis and uniting with other players to establish a powerful military and conquer far away islands. Grepolis is also available as a full mobile app for iOS and Android.

    In Tribal Wars 2, players find themselves as the leader of a small village in the midst of a medieval world. Tasked with growing and expanding their empire within a war-torn landscape, they have to fight in order to survive. The MMO’s focus is real-time, strategic battles with and against other players.

    Met meer dan 150 miljoen geregistreerde spelers is InnoGames een van de grootste aanbieders van online games ter wereld. De in Hamburg gelegen onderneming telt momenteel meer dan 350 werknemers uit 30 verschillende landen. Naast Forge of Empires scoorde InnoGames ongeziene kassuccessen met Tribal Wars en Grepolis.




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