InnoGames TV Releases Last Episode Featuring Various Winter Events

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    Hamburg, December 1st, 2017

    InnoGames TV Releases Last Episode Featuring Various Winter Events


    With the end of the year approaching, InnoGames waves goodbye to InnoGames TV in its current format. While the December episode will be the last released in the old format, the company will continue creating video content. The approximately 10-minute video features updates and events for Forge of Empires, The West, Elvenar and Warlords of Aternum.

    The video starts off with Forge of Empires explaining its new winter event. This year, players can look forward to winning nine buildings to complete a brand-new winter set in their cities. Forge fans can start collecting the buildings by either completing the quests or acquiring them through the winter calendar.

    In addition, the December episode of InnoGames TV reveals more information about the company’s newest game: Warlords of Aternum. Community Manager David explains the most important aspects of the World Map. Warlords can look forward to learning how to better optimize their conquering strategies.

    The online program also covers a fan favourite, The West. Community Manager Aylin explains new rewards for the traveling fare while also giving players an outlook into the next few months. Finally, the video concludes with Elvenar. The fantasy game team unveil the newest Winter event. Elvenar takes players through a winter wonderland, full of glaciers, yetis, and fantastical rewards.

    Through its monthly video podcast, InnoGames provides the community with the latest news about its games. While the host speaks English, nine languages are available via subtitles on YouTube.

    With about 200 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of online games. Currently, the Hamburg-based company employs over 400 professionals from 30 nations. InnoGames has scored major success with games such as Tribal Wars, Grepolis and Forge of Empires.




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