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    Hambourg – September 3, 2014

    First InnoGames Game Jam ends successfuly at gamescom

    New Video Follows the Work of Three Teams to Grand Finale.

    The online game developer InnoGames has just released a video for the first InnoGames Game Jam at gamescom. Under the watch of 335,000 visitors a total of 12 participants developed three games within 96 hours in the middle of the show floor. This included work from the brainstorming stage to the final product. The only restriction the teams had was the theme: childhood games.

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    The winner of this unique developer competition was the game “Toy Hunt” (download). In this unusual multiplayer game, two players compete against each other to try to collect as many toys as possible.

    The other teams also completed two great games of their own. In “Pillow Castle” (download) the player must protect his prized cookies from his sister in a kind of Tower Defense game. On the other hand, “Haunted House” (online playable in browser) is a classic role-playing game where the main purpose is to recover a lost ball with the aid of clever game characters.

    In addition to the four-minute long video, there is an even more detailed version of the video available here.

    InnoGames regularly hosts Game Jams in its Hamburg offices. The next Game Jam will take place from November 14-16. Interested parties can apply to take part by sending an e-mail with a self-introduction to gamejam@innogames.com. A video of the 2013 Summer Game Jams – the fifth of six so far – can be seen on YouTube

    With more than 130 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the leading developers of online games. The Hamburg based company has scored major successes with games such as Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires and Grepolis.






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