Wonder Boy Celebrates May with a Whopping Half-off Sale Across All Platforms Around the World

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    Press Release


    Paris – May 15, 2018

    Wonder Boy Celebrates May with a Whopping Half-off Sale Across All Platforms Around the World

    – PC, Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac and Linux Getting Big Deals on Adorable Platformer –

    French developer and publisher Dotemu has slashed the price on its hit game Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap starting today with a 50 percent discount across all platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.) The sale will be for all territories throughout the month of May:


    PlayStation 4:
    Europe: May 30th – June 12th

    Xbox One:
    Global: May 15th to May 21st

    Nintendo Switch:
    Europe: May 16th to May 22nd

    Global: May 16th to May 22nd

    Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap launched in 2017 to rave reviews on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The remake is a breathtaking modernization of the 1989 Sega Master System cult classic featuring masterfully hand-drawn animation and an exquisitely re-orchestrated soundtrack. Developer Lizardcube’s faithful recreation of a journey of recovery from a curse preserves the original game’s sense of adventure, even retaining support for passwords from the original game and a retro feature that allows fans to play in the game’s original graphics.

    With a new character, Wonder Girl, three difficulty settings, six playable transformations and the option to instantaneously swap between original 8-bit or modernized visuals and audio (or to mix assets from both eras), Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is the perfect chance to discover or return to this lighthearted adventure which captivated a generation.

    Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows, Linux and Mac computers. For more information, please visit http://www.thedragonstrap.com/.



    About DotEmu:

    DotEmu is a French video game company specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games. Our mission is simple: give every gamer access to yesteryear’s classic video games on today’s platforms, including PC, mobile, console and more. DotEmu is proud to have worked with some of the gaming industry’s most prestigious companies, including Square Enix (Final Fantasy series), SNK (Metal Slug and Fatal Fury series) and Ubisoft (Heroes of Might and Magic III HD). Our passionate team has worked on dozens of high-profile projects, including Ys Chronicles I & II (mobile), R-Type I & II (mobile), Another World (mobile, PC), Double Dragon Trilogy (mobile, PC), Titan Quest (iOS), Pang Adventures (mobile, PC, console), and more. Founded in 2007, DotEmu leverages its considerable technological know-how to maintain the original spirit of classic games while giving them a second life as rediscovered gems for a new generation of gamers.


    About Lizardcube:

    Lizardcube is a an up-and-coming Parisian games studio founded by game industry veteran Omar Cornut (Media Molecule: Tearaway and Dreams; Q-Games: Pixeljunk Shooter series;  Mekensleep: Soul Bubbles) and traditional comic/animation artist Ben Fiquet (Soul Bubbles, Powa, Les Chevaliers de la Chouette, Dreamworks, and Zodiac Kids).

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