Want to see how #Ninjas make #tea? Prepare to be amazed via @cosmocover

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    London – February 27th, 2014

    Want to see how Ninjas make tea?
    Prepare to be amazed

    – 10 Second Ninja is coming to PC and Mac this March 5th through Steam and Get Games –

    10 Second Ninja is a blisteringly fast 2D action puzzle game, coming soon to PC and Mac! You are the world’s first Ninja and you are awesome. Nazi robots from space are trying to take over the world and you are tasked with eliminating all menacing mechanical enemies in each stage in 10 seconds or less.
    Indie publishers Mastertronic are working with the game’s developer, Dan Pearce to celebrate the forthcoming launch with a series of 10 second(ish) trailers.The third in the series: ”How to Make Tea Like a Ninja- ft Dan Pearce, 10 Second Ninja’:


    10 Second Ninja will launch on March 5th through Steam and Get Games.
    Pre-order discount on Get Games 25% off the game:

    Get Games: http://www.getgamesgo.com/product/10-second-ninja
    Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/271670/

    For more information about 10 Second Ninja check out the website: www.10SecondNinja.com or find us on Twitter and Facebook

    #10SecondNinja – #ThinkFast – @Mastertronic – @GameDesignDan





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