Universe-changing features coming to #EVE Online on Nov 4th

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    Press Release

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    29 october 2014

    Universe-changing features coming to EVE Online on Nov 4th


    The boldest changes to EVE in years are coming in its November 4th release, Phoebe.
    Phoebe will usher in a new era for “nullsec” (player owned areas) as well as bring in new opportunities for exploration and evolutions to major systems like the skill queue, Invention, market trading, notifications, the sensor overlay and more.

    The Phoebe feature page is now live at http://community.eveonline.com/releases/phoebe

    A new in-development video shows the features coming to the massive, infamous sci-fi universe

    YouTube Direct 

    More developer blogs for Phoebe: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/tag/phoebe/

    “Leaked” communications from EVE’s major alliances have already found their way to the public realm, mirroring in-game diplomacy, deployments and plans that have started shaking up the financial, military and social parts of EVE’s massive player-owned areas ahead of Phoebe’s release.

    The game’s largest coalitions have begun playing their hands. For some of the rumors and links to corp, alliance and coalition addresses, check out this aggregated source by a player-run news organization. http://evenews24.com/2014/10/27/eve-online-phoebe-pre-game-null-sec-alliance-movements/

    Tune in for more repercussions in gaming’s most interesting sandbox game after Phoebe’s launch and leading up to the December 9th “Rhea” update, which is shaping up to be absolutely huge. 

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    EVE Online_Phoebe_Locations

    EVE Online_Phoebe_New_Nebulae

    EVE Online_Phoebe_Notification System

    EVE Online_Phoebe_Skill_queue

    EVE Online_Phoebe__Industry

    EVE Online_Phoebe_Cloaking changes

    EVE Online_Phoebe_Exploration changes

    EVE Online_Phoebe_Force Projection Changes

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