The Crimson Harvest comes to EVE Online

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    Press Release

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    October 21, 2015

    The Crimson Harvest comes to EVE Online


    Let’s begin with a poem shall we?

    How about an infamous nursery rhyme that sends chills down the spine of youngsters across the Amarr Empire?

    It seems appropriate given the Crimson Harvest started today throughout the 66 regions, 7,900 known solar systems, and thousands of wormholes of New Eden, the universe of EVE.

    Bloody Omir ran away,
    Hiding from the light of day.

    He made a base out in the night,
    Far away from the Empire’s might.

    Holders think they all are safe,
    Protected by the Empire’s grace.

    Silly people, you should know…
    You shall reap just what you sow.

    Bloody Omir is coming back,
    With monsters from the endless black.

    Wading through a crimson flood,
    Omir has come to drink your blood.

    This tale speaks of Bloody Omir, the leader of the infamous Sani Sabik extremist cult, The Blood Raider Covenant.

    In celebration of this most appropriate time of the year, from October 20th through to November 2nd, there will be a number of Blood Raider themed offers occurring, along with some in game activities that players can take part in.

    • Blood Raider Gauntlet sites in game with Blood Raider themed rewards.
    • PLEX discounts
    • Blood Raider SKIN and apparel sale in the New Eden Store along with new discounted bundles, some which include complimentary Blood Raider SKINs.
    • Complementary Blood Raider SKINs with selected Aurum packages

    To better illustrate the in-game happenings, a SCOPE broadcast comes from the world of EVE.


    Read more in the Crimson Harvest dev blog:


    The Crimson Harvest began just a few days before EVE Vegas (Oct 23-25), a massive player gathering second only to EVE Fanfest in size, where over 800 players from around the world are traveling to Las Vegas for three days of talks, round tables, science presentations, demos of EVE Valkyrie and Gunjack, a huge party and of course a developer pub crawl.

    At EVE Vegas this year we’ll be revealing some of the biggest changes to EVE’s sandbox, coming over the course of the winter and through the upcoming Spring 2016 EVE Online expansion.

    As always, current, past and future features for EVE Online can be found at

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