Sweden beats Korea 3-0 in Summoners War – in front of Swedish King and South Korean President

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    Press Release


    Stockholm – June 18th, 2019

    Sweden beats Korea 3-0 in Summoners War – in front of Swedish King and South Korean President

    – His Excellency Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea attend Summoners War e-Sports match between Swedish and Korean teams. –

    Swedish Summoners War (App StoreGoogle Play) players “Obabo”, “Taki” and “haengbok” defeated a Korean team around reigning world champion “BeatD” with a score of three-nil – in front of the Swedish King and Korean President.

    As part of a celebration of the 60-year-friendship between both nations held last Friday, Swedes Samuel “Obabo” Kongbäck, Felix “haengbok” Alin and Arian “Taki” Taki played against Summoners War top-players “BeatD“, Sim Yang Hon and Saehwa Jeon from Korea. With a clear 3-0 victory, the Swedish selection surprised everyone by dominating the match-up.

    Even the Korean President seemed surprised: “I thought Korea is top of the world when it comes to games, but it looks like the Swedish are quite good as well”, said President Moon Jae-in in a speech after “haengbok’s” victory against Saehwa Jeon (aka “Snooty”). “I am here because I wanted to see young people from our two countries having fun together, and it is all the more meaningful to have His Majesty the King here as well. Watching the games today I can see why esports is wildly popular all over the world. Even for a novice like me, it is fascinating to watch”, said president Moon Jae-in.

    There was no prize money to win at this exhibition match, but participants did receive a handshake from His Excellency Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden. Later that evening, BeatD and his team played more games against this afternoon’s opponents, as well as against many other Summoners War fans who had traveled to Stockholm to attend a “Summoners War Tour of Europe” community event. The next world champion in the game will be chosen in Paris this October. Preliminaries for the “Summoners War World Arena Championship 2019” are about to start in Europe, Asia and the United States.


    20190614_President Moon Jae-in addressed crowd after match between haengbok in blue shirt on left side and snooty

    20190614_HE Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden in front of Summoners War player haengbok

    20190614_HE Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden shakes hands with Summoners War player Snooty

    20190614_Summoners War Fans at Ericcsson Studio ready to watch game Sweden vs Korea

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