SWC2021 World Finals Confirmed to be held on November 13… Regional Cups Start Now!

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    SWC2021 World Finals Confirmed to be held on November 13… Regional Cups Start Now!

    – The preliminaries of all regions are now complete and the 3 Regional Cups (Americas, APAC and EU) will begin this month –

    Berlin/Seoul, September 9th, 2021: Com2uS recently announced the lineups of the Americas Cup, Asia Pacific Cup, and Europe Cup selected through the SWC2021 regional preliminaries. The upcoming game schedules were also revealed, including the Regional Cups and the World Finals. The Europe Cup will take place October 23rd at 2pm CEST and will welcome returning French competitors Rosith and Chene.

    The SWC2021 Regional Cups will run for about 6 weeks as follows:

    • The Americas Cup on September 12th at 8 pm CEST
    • The Asia Pacific Cup On October 2nd at 7 am CEST 
    • The Europe Cup on October 23rd at 2 pm CEST.

    All matches will be played as a single tournament in the quarterfinals and the winner will be decided on a best-of-five system. 8 players, including 2 from the EU, will be selected from the three Regional Cups and advance to the World Finals on November 13 at 7am CEST to compete for the title of the world’s strongest Summoner.

    In particular, this year’s Regional Cups are expected to be a battle of skills between emerging and traditional players. While one-third of the entire lineup are new challengers, a large number of popular players who have participated in past tournaments have advanced this year such as talented players like Rosith (winner of 2019 EU Cup) and Chene, a veteran who participated in every iteration of the SWC since 2018. 

    In the meantime, the viewers can discover the official theme song NEXT UP which was released to the world through 19 major Korean and foreign music sites including Melon, Genie Music, FLO, and  Apple Music.


    All games this year will be held digitally for the safety of the players and the audience. All matches are live-streamed via Summoners War eSports YouTube channel and Twitch with professional commentary in various languages.

    The SWC global esports tournament has been successfully held every year since its start in 2017, breaking records in scale. More info on the SWC2021 schedule and tournaments can be found at the official SWC website.


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