Summoners War 5th Anniversary, Big Update and Big Numbers

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    Press Release


    June 13th, 2019 – Berlin, Germany 

    Summoners War 5th Anniversary:
    Big Update and Big Numbers


    Since launching the global service in June 2014, Summoners War (App StoreGoogle Play) has firmly established itself as a global hit game based on the steady popularity it has gained around the world. Having been loved throughout the East and the West without bias in regions, “Summoners War” has continued to grow constantly with its infinite content that has been built up with users and its global records.


    The newest Update opens the Dimension Hole which offers lots of new stuff to the game. Like the second awakening for some 2 and 3 Star Monsters (at first it’s going to be following Monsters: Fairy, Inagumi, Pixie, War Bear), new Challenges and Content! It’s an Update for Veterans and new players the same time– especially because you can easily get the Dark Vampire Lord which is not only bad ass but a Dark Nat 5 – the highest available Monster Class in Game.


    Within the last 5 years, Summoners War has reached top 10 for sales in 136 countries, reached No. 1 for game sales in 83 countries and the top RPG sales in 132 countries. The game achieved accumulated sales of 1 trillion KRW and global cumulative 100 million downloads as a single mobile game and has set the standard for global success by becoming the first Korean game to reach No. 2 in sales in the U.S.

    As a result, 35.8 billion monsters, more than 4.5 times the world’s population, were summoned in “Summoners War,” with an average of 350 guilds being created per day, totaling 630,000 guilds. The World Arena battles, the basis for Summoners War’s e-Sports game, were also played over 300 million times.







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