Subterfuge or Slaughter – Watch the new Canaanite Deep Dive for Total War: PHARAOH

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    Subterfuge or Slaughter – Watch the new Canaanite Deep Dive for Total War: PHARAOH


    The underdogs wait. As the shadow from Pharaoh Merneptah’s demise lingers, the city states of Canaan strive to break free from the shackles of the competing Egyptian and Hittite empires. Will you rally behind a cunning leader who thrives on subterfuge and scheming, or will you stand with a fearsome commander who values bloodshed and gold above all else?

    Learn the ways of the Canaanite factions here


    There is no Canaanite bloodline, only those strong enough to have survived on the sword edge between two rival empires. These warlords have little in common beyond seeking the demise of the current dynastic power structures and to instil their own unique legacy. 

    • Irsu, the ravager, is a savage warlord and raider hoping to prey on the fragility of civilisation and reap the rewards of the chaos that follows. Proudly barbaric, he has no care for diplomacy and favours aggression and brute strength to overcome his foes. In battle, his units are well armoured, excel at fighting in melee and have access to the Raiders and Razers Ability allowing them to set buildings on fire to sow further discontent. 
    • Bay, the schemer, is a supreme survivor and master manipulator. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, his ability to look weak and friendly come naturally to him, for he is tired of watching the spoils of high Egyptian society from afar. His clandestine playstyle is ideal for players who want to lurk in the shadows, slowly growing in influence before striking from positions of diplomatic power. Amidst battle, his troops expertly ambush with use of Abilities like Vanguard Deployment, Stalk and Sneak, allowing his nimble melee infantry and short-range missile units to strike from various angles, surprising enemies and securing rapid victories.

    As regional underdogs confronting two military giants, the Canaanites have refined their warfare strategies to counter the Egyptians’ rapid speed and the Hittites’ heavy armour. Their strength lies in their adaptability during combat, fielding armies that blend robust durability with remarkable agility. Consequently, they primarily employ medium-armoured forces, whilst occasionally incorporating heavy and light infantry depending on whether they’re conducting land raids or surprising unsuspecting foes.

    By pre-ordering now, players can gain access to a Pharaoh’s trove of early-adopter bonuses including the ability to take part in an Early-Access Weekend, the Avatar of the Gods Cosmetic Pack, and the Heart of the Shardana Cosmetic Pack. For more information regarding each, please visit the Total War: PHARAOH FAQ

    Pre-order directly from the developers at the Total War: PHARAOH store, Steam, or the Epic Games Store.  

    Total War: PHARAOH is the next instalment in the award-winning strategy game franchise from Creative Assembly. Within it, players will immerse themselves within the turbulent events of the Egyptian New Kingdom period where they’ll determine the fate of three great cultures – the Egyptians, the Hittites, and the Canaanites – as they fight for survival amid the cataclysmic Bronze Age Collapse. 

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