Streets of Rage 4’s DLC Patch Now Live, Allowing Fans to Purchase the DLC on Nintendo Switch

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    Streets of Rage 4’s DLC Patch Now Live, Allowing Fans to Purchase the DLC on Nintendo Switch

    – Small but mighty technical bug kept Switch players from buying Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare DLC at launch –

    PARIS (July 27, 2021) – Publisher and co-developer Dotemu with co-developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games today announced that the critical bug blocking fans from purchasing the Mr. X Nightmare on Nintendo Switch has been resolved and fans are now able to purchase the game on the Nintendo eShop. The highly anticipated DLC for the smash hit Streets of Rage 4 launched last week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Windows Store for €7.99 to rave critical reviews and fan praise, but a small technical error on Nintendo Switch prevented fans from purchasing the game.

    Fans playing on Nintendo will need to launch the original game first to locate the DLC option. Dotemu has prepared a video for fans to show exactly how to nab the new content:

    “We want to take this time to first apologize to our Switch players – this should not have happened and we are tremendously sorry to have kept you waiting,” said Cyrille Imbert, executive director at Dotemu. “We appreciate every single one of you for sticking by us, and can assure that we will work diligently so that this never happens again.”

    Fans on Switch can now purchase the DLC with a 15 percent discount off the regular DLC price. 

    The DLC sees new features added to Streets of Rage 4 which encompassess several different areas: 

    • Playable new fighters: introducing the playable debut of powerful officer Estel Aguirre, alongside with the awaited return of fully realized playable versions of Max Thunder and Shiva, both beloved characters of Streets of Rage 2 & Streets of Rage 3. 

    • Survival Mode: an inventive, immensely replayable challenge where fighters beat down endless waves of foes and earn perks for as long as they can stay alive .Random keeps each fight unpredictable through generated runs and Weekly is a series of static gauntlets generated each week that keeps players on their toes as they brawl their way through the streets of rage and fight for the top spot. Each completed level offers a choice of  randomized stackable perks to choose from.

    • New moves: Braving Survival’s onslaughts also permanently unlocks new moves for use across any of Streets of Rage 4’s modes, allowing players to personalize movelists for their favorite characters. Even Retro characters now have new moves.

    • New badass weaponry: Progress unlocks devastating new weapons within the incoming training mode, as well as gallery content.

    • Leaderboards show who’s the boss: The mode’s leaderboards keep track of the community’s well-fought runs too; who will be Wood Oak City’s finest fighter?

    • New Tunes: Keep groovin’ with original music from Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania, League of Legends). 

    • And wait, there’s even moaaar:  Separate free update adding an in-depth training system, color palette options, a fiendish New Mania+ difficulty, plus a wealth of refinements and balancing changes addressing feedback from Streets of Rage 4’s passionate community.

    Streets of Rage 4 is a revival of the classic beat em’ up series released in 2020. After not seeing a release for 25 years, Streets of Rage 4 brought the series into the modern era, receiving critical praise for its faithful evolution of the series’ signature action and surpassing more than 2.5 million copies downloaded. The title features new and returning characters, stylish hand-drawn artwork, fresh combat abilities and mechanics, retro pixel character unlocks, and a soundtrack crafted in homage to the sound and style that made the original games so popular.

    For all things Streets of Rage 4, visit, check out, pummel @Dotemu, @Lizardcube, and @Guard_Crush’s follow buttons on Twitter, and join us on Discord.

    Streets of Rage 4’s console releases were made possible through collaborations with Blitworks, the partner who managed the game’s port to Xbox One and the Microsoft Store, as well as Seaven Studio, the partner behind the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions.

    About Dotemu
    Dotemu is a French video game company specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games. Our mission is simple: give every gamer access to yesteryear’s classic video games on today’s platforms, including PC, mobile, console and more. Working alongside the world’s most cherished and recognized publishers, the Dotemu team has published a number of global top-sellers across both PC and console including Streets of Rage 4, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, with additional development and publishing work on Windjammers 1 and 2, several games in the Ys series, and more. Dotemu is currently working with Tribute Games on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge.

    Founded in 2007, Dotemu leverages its considerable technological know-how to maintain the original spirit of classic games while giving them a second life as rediscovered gems for a new generation of gamers.

    About Lizardcube
    Lizardcube is a Parisian games studio founded by game industry veteran Omar Cornut (Dear ImGui, Pixeljunk Shooter, Tearaway, Soul Bubbles) and traditional comic/animation artist Ben Fiquet (Soul Bubbles). It is best known for the acclaimed remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, praised for its gorgeous art style and retro engineering marvel.

    About Guard Crush Games
    Guard Crush Games was founded in 2009 by Jordi Asensio and Cyrille Lagarigue based on their passion for classic beat-em-up and side-scrolling titles. The team is best known for its Xbox 360 release, Streets of Fury, and follow-up on PC Streets of Fury: Extended Edition in 2015, which revel in over-the-top action and capture the studio’s love for fun side-scrolling brawlers.