Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Reaches Number One in Germany and France

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    Press Release


    Los Angeles – March 12th, 2019

    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Reaches Number One in Germany and France

    – Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes climbs to number one on Google Play and the App Store in 43 different countries –
    – The game showed incredibly strong performance in the RPG category for Germany and Franceand in other countries including US –
    – Ring of Heroes features an all-new story with unique characters and strategic battles –

    Com2uS‘ new mobile RPG Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes enjoyed a successful launch in Germany, France and other key western markets like the US. The highly anticipated mobile game has climbed to the top of both the Google Play and iOS App Stores within a week of launch. The game is available for download now through  Google Play  and the iOS App Store.

    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes was released in 120 different countries including the Germany, France and US, stealing the number one RPG spot for Google Play and the App Store within three days. In addition to Germany and France, the game managed to secure the top RPG spot on the charts in the US, which is one of the major key markets.

    Vice president of GAMEVIL COM2US USA, Casey Lee noted, “Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes has received positive reception from players all over the world thanks to its variety of modes, entertaining story, and robust battle system. We’ll continue to do our best to provide the best gameplay experience for our players.”

    The early success of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes can be attributed to the popularity of the Skylanders™ franchise and its localization, as well as the game’s finely-tuned mechanics and global support.

    To see Skylanders Ring of Heroes assets, click here.


    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is a mobile role-playing game (RPG) developed by Com2uS based off of the Skylanders™ franchise from Activision. The game features an epic tale with over 80 different characters. Players will be able to use these characters of different elements and their skill combinations to engage in exciting strategic battles.

    For more information on Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, please visit the official Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes official homepage and official Facebook.


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