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    PARIS – 23 May 2013
    Ragnarök 2: Legend of the Second has been released in Europe and Gravity welcomes its players with two exclusive packs!

    Gravity Europe, the online video game publisher and distributor, announces the May 1st launch of a new English version of Ragnarök 2: Legend of the Second across Europe, in conjunction with Gravity Interactive, the American subsidiary of Gravity Korea.

    See online on: http://www.ragnarokonline2.eu

    Ragnarök 2 returns to the dream-like kawai universe of Ragnarök Online, the famous manhwa-style MMORPG that has captivated millions of players around the world since 2002. 

    This much-anticipated launch is accompanied by in-game, online and social-networking events. For people wanting an MMORPG that is easier to dive into than its predecessor, Ragnarök 2 is the ideal way to explore Ragnarök. 

    The game mechanics have been completely redesigned, character creation is even more detailed and complete, and the 3D world makes the game easier and more fun to play with reworked backgrounds, textures, and animations. In addition, to all those who have never travelled through the mythical world of Rune Midgard, Gravity Europe offers access to two exclusive packs that allows you to progress faster.

    Content of the Explorer and Adventurer Packs:
    These Packs hold special items that will give you a longtime bonus on your statistics, a longtime bonus on both PvE and Quest Experience, Quest Experience, allow you to get back up after a K.O. and potions. The packs will be distributed as individual codes. They will also be available via specialized media.

    Ragnarök 2 lets you experience the evolution of Rune Midgard, a mythical continent that is once again under threat.

    This is the scenario awaiting the player at the start of the adventure; the player chooses from among 15 available classes. The gaming experience has been completely redesigned and is now closer to current MMORPG, so more people can take part in the adventure. Character development, quests, and the game system will enchant all who venture into the Kingdom.

    The character progression, the quests and the whole game system will please all the adventurers of the Kingdom.

    The game will remain completely Free To Play; the player will only have to pay buy objects and services.

    The release of Ragnarök 2 is therefore a key event in the history of Gravity Europe. Yves Bléhaut, Managing Director, stated: “For us, Ragnarök 2 represents a major step in the life of a brand with as high a profile as Ragnarök. First and foremost, hosting so many players on two continents simultaneously represents a technical challenge for both us and our American partner, and it’s also a major editorial step as two versions of Ragnarök will coexist: RO1 for purists and one more accessible to the general public, RO2. We want to offer every player, of every level, the most innovative and complete experience of Ragnarök, on PC and mobile platforms. Finally, we are happy to offer our European players a game release just a short while after it is launched in Asia.”

    The gauntlet has been flung down.

    You can already sign up at: http://www.ragnarokonline2.eu

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    About Ragnarök Online
    Ragnarök Online is an MMORPG from Korea. The game is set in the world of Rune-Midgard, whose vibrant flora and fauna make it a world destined for adventure. The player’s journey begins as a novice, who will acquire new skills through quests and by entering battles alongside other players. Players will evolve into one of the many available classes, such as magician, priest, rogue, hunter and more, eventually facing up to the fearsome creatures who lurk in their lairs. Dazzling graphics based on Japanese anime and charming 2D characters in rich 3D environments are among the many game features that have already seduced millions of players around the world.
    For more information, go to : http://www.ragnarokeurope.com/





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    About Gravity Europe
    Gravity Europe is the exclusive publisher and distributor for Gravity Co., Ltd. (GRVY, Nasdaq), a globally recognised Korean company and leader in the online and mobile video game markets. The leading partner of the group, Gravity Europe is also its entry point into Europe, with the exclusive rights to operate Ragnarök Online, a global success with more than 55 million players. In order to accelerate its development, in July 2011 Gravity Europe joined the Media Participations group, the holder of many major licenses including XIII, Lucky Luke and Thorgal. The two companies are now able to benefit from their mutual experience, grow their expertise and explore new synergies through partnerships with other global publishers and distributors of online games.
    For more information go to http://www.media-participations.com and http://www.gravity.co.kr

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