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    PARIS – 15th January 2013
    A cold wind blows upon Rune-Midgard, as adventurers make their way deeper in unknown lands and discover El Dicastes, an incredible, magic-imbued capital city, as part of Episode 13.3, the latest installment of Ragnarök Online, the mythic online role-playing game, out on December 20.
    A month after the release of the two exotic towns Brasilis and Dewata, Gravity Europe keeps accelerating by launching the 13.3 update : featuring a brand new city and unexplored fields full of deadly monsters, hidden mysteries and buried relics, the episode is an invitation to bring your friends and step into the darkness as a team.

    Features :
    -A new town : El Dicastes, homeland of the Giants race
    -Scaraba Hole Dungeon, an unexplored dungeon crawling with new enemies and a boss monster, the Scaraba Queen
    -New weapons, armors and quests
    -And more… 

    Aimed at existing players and newcomers alike, the awe-inspiring MMORPG is available for free via Gravity Gateway : http://www.gravity-gateway.com


    screen1 screen2

    A tale of politics and deception
    Years have passed since demon Satan Morroc and his servants resurrected partially and hid themselves in the other world through a dimensional rift until they get complete. Countries from the Midgard continent combined forces to explore the unknown world and encountered new races, Laphine and Saphas.

    Adventurers cemented friendly relationships with new races while trying to figure out why they were hostile towards each other. It turned out a curse affecting the World-Tree Yggdrasil was the cause of it. But before you get the chance to bring the report regarding your discovery, the document got stolen by a mysterious being…

    In the meantime, Midgard adventurers became close with Saphas as days passed and were granted access to El Dicastes, their capital city. However, a combination of rumors and strange events surrounding a recently-appointed minister quickly starts to tickle your curiosity : something is definitely going on there…
    Are the two events linked or completely unrelated ?

    For more information, go to http://www.ragnarokeurope.com/

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    About Ragnarök Online
    Ragnarök Online is an MMORPG from Korea. The game is set in the world of Rune-Midgard, whose vibrant flora and fauna make it a world destined for adventure. The player’s journey begins as a novice, who will acquire new skills through quests and by entering battles alongside other players. Players will evolve into one of the many available classes, such as magician, priest, rogue, hunter and more, eventually facing up to the fearsome creatures who lurk in their lairs. Dazzling graphics based on Japanese anime and charming 2D characters in rich 3D environments are among the many game features that have already seduced millions of players around the world.
    For more information, go to : http://www.ragnarokeurope.com/



    Download the presskit
    About Gravity Europe
    Gravity Europe is the exclusive publisher and distributor for Gravity Co., Ltd. (GRVY, Nasdaq), a globally recognised Korean company and leader in the online and mobile video game markets. The leading partner of the group, Gravity Europe is also its entry point into Europe, with the exclusive rights to operate Ragnarök Online, a global success with more than 55 million players. In order to accelerate its development, in July 2011 Gravity Europe joined the Media Participations group, the holder of many major licenses including XIII, Lucky Luke and Thorgal. The two companies are now able to benefit from their mutual experience, grow their expertise and explore new synergies through partnerships with other global publishers and distributors of online games.
    For more information go to http://www.media-participations.com and http://www.gravity.co.kr
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