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    PARIS – 9 July 2012
    Unveiling Ragnarök Renewal, the next generation of the global smash hit game out now via ‘Gravity Gateway’, Gravity Europe’s new online game portal.
    Gravity Europe, the online video game publisher and distributor, is revitalising its flagship MMORPG title with Ragnarök Renewal. Currently boasting in excess of 55 million players worldwide, the smash hit online game is entering an exciting new phase of its life with the most thorough overhaul in its 10 year history.  The extended update includes enhanced gameplay systems, new classes and characters, a more intuitive interface, new environments and much more. Aimed at existing players and newcomers alike, the legendary MMORPG is available now for free download via Gravity Gateway.

    Download Ragnarök Renewal here : http://bit.ly/L5o3Iq
    Discover the 13 new character classes here

    A gaming giant is reborn with Ragnarök Renewal
    Ragnarök remains the undisputed model that all MMORPG titles follow and its DNA contains the very essence of the genre.  Its extraordinary longevity is proof enough, and ten years after its launch, we’re still innovating with Ragnarök Renewal. This is much more than just a game update – it’s a rebirth !” said Stéphane Bonazza, COO at Gravity Europe.
    With Ragnarök Renewal, adventurers will explore the lands of Rune-Midgard as never before. Awaiting players are 13 additional exclusive character classes, a new damage system, smoother interface and an optimised learning curve. Hardcore players will be able to reach level 150 while newcomers will take their first steps into a brand new world.

    Gravity Europe: a new era dawns
    This complete remake of Ragnarök Renewal is emblematic of our commitment to innovation, and we’re going to take it even further in the future with quality content for Europe delivered via our unified Gravity Gateway platform” said Yves Bléhaut, former Senior Vice President at Atari and Namco Bandai Partners, and now head of Gravity Europe.
    Gravity Europe is also currently launching other new titles including Angel Poring for iOS.

    About Ragnarök Online
    Ragnarök Online is an MMORPG from Korea. The game is set in the world of Rune-Midgard, whose vibrant flora and fauna make it a world destined for adventure. The player’s journey begins as a novice, who will acquire new skills through quests and by entering battles alongside other players. Players will evolve into one of the many available classes, such as magician, priest, rogue, hunter and more, eventually facing up to the fearsome creatures who lurk in their lairs. Dazzling graphics based on Japanese anime and charming 2D characters in rich 3D environments are among the many game features that have already seduced millions of players around the world.
    For more information, go to : http://www.ragnarokeurope.com/




    Download the presskit
    About Gravity Europe
    Gravity Europe is the exclusive publisher and distributor for Gravity Co., Ltd. (GRVY, Nasdaq), a globally recognised Korean company and leader in the online and mobile video game markets. The leading partner of the group, Gravity Europe is also its entry point into Europe, with the exclusive rights to operate Ragnarök Online, a global success with more than 55 million players. In order to accelerate its development, in July 2011 Gravity Europe joined the Media Participations group, the holder of many major licenses including XIII, Lucky Luke and Thorgal. The two companies are now able to benefit from their mutual experience, grow their expertise and explore new synergies through partnerships with other global publishers and distributors of online games.
    For more information go to http://www.media-participations.com and http://www.gravity.co.kr
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