Play With Fate in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood on August 16

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    Play With Fate in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood on
    August 16


    Mystical Spanish game makers Deconstructeam and their simple-minded familiar Devolver Digital have foreseen that their latest creation, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, will materialise on August 16 for PC and Nintendo Switch.


    A new trailer released today focuses on the winding narrative that ties multiple characters together in a web of magic, divination and danger. In The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood you will soon learn that while everything that comes to pass may not be your fault, it is all your responsibility.  

    As Fortuna, an exiled witch imprisoned alone on a distant asteroid, create a custom tarot deck that is completely unique to you, incorporating arcane elements that give each card different characteristics and abilities to help you to determine the fate of the characters you encounter.

    Using your deck you’ll dive into a complex narrative that spans decades and explores themes of identity, community, and personal responsibility. Is your coven doomed or can you save it?

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