Play 4 eras of Humankind on an exclusive new map in the Victor OpenDev, available now

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    Play 4 eras of HUMANKIND on an exclusive new map in the Victor OpenDev, available now

    – From now through May 3rd at 16:00 CEST, anyone who has pre-purchased HUMANKIND™ on Steam or the Epic Games Store can play 150 turns in a new OpenDev scenario on a navally oriented map –

    Paris, April 22nd, 2021 When Amplitude Studios announced that the release date for HUMANKIND™, the upcoming turn-based historical strategy game, was moving from April 22nd to August 17th, many players reached out and asked if they would have an opportunity to play again between now and release. The answer is yes, of course! 

    Starting today, any player who has pre-purchased the game on Steam or the Epic Games Store can access the Victor OpenDev and play as Victor Hugo’s avatar from the Neolithic to the Early Modern era or 150 turns – whichever comes first. 

    Amplitude Studios has always believed that making the best games means involving the players at every step of the development process. Over the past months, players have been given access to targeted slices of the game to gather feedback, via in-game surveys and G2G forums.

    Quite a few changes have been integrated since the “Lucy OpenDev” from last December. Players will be playing on a new fixed map with lots of water, so things will be more focused on naval gameplay (maps will be randomly generated in the game at release). 

    Amplitude Studios has also integrated lots of changes based on the feedback from the Lucy OpenDev and they are very excited for you to check them out! 

    More details about what’s new and instructions for players on how to gain access are available in the devblog.

    available for pre-order on PC & Stadia.

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