Pacific Drive’s mysterious driving survival adventure scavenges February 2024 release date

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    Pacific Drive’s mysterious driving survival adventure scavenges February 2024 release date

    Explore and investigate a walled-off land of phenomena in one of next year’s first must-play outings

    London, November 30th, 2023 – Pacific Drive will send players on a road trip of a lifetime when the driving survival adventure game releases February 22, 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC, Ironwood Studios and publishing partner Kepler Interactive announced today. The highly anticipated title’s release date was revealed within a new trailer debuted at the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase while a Deluxe physical edition of Pacific Drive was also unveiled, to be distributed later next year by Maximum Games.


    Take a brief glance behind the curtain of the Olympic Exclusion Zone’s past, the engrossing expanse at the heart of Pacific Drive. Once a shining jewel in the Pacific Northwest, it now sits behind a 300-meter wall, closed to the outside world and left to mysterious phenomena and the forces of nature. Explore distinctly fascinating new biomes as you drive deeper into the unknown; chart the Zone, uncover its hidden history and try to outrun the deadly anomalies of this surreal place. 

    Get behind the wheel of a uniquely capable station wagon, maintaining and upgrading your ride with life-saving tools while navigating treacherous terrain, gathering supplies and surviving tense encounters with the land’s dangerous hazards. Mysterious voices reach your car’s radio the further you drive, offering questions and dire warnings – leaving you to wonder who or what remains in this desolate place. Will you survive or become another relic in the Zone’s haunting landscape? 

    The Pacific Drive: DELUXE EDITION is a retail exclusive that features the base game, a set of 3 art cards from the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, traveler’s journal, deluxe sleeve, reversible coversheet, as well as a pack of in-game cosmetic items for your station wagon.

    Pacific Drive is available to wishlist now and will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store). To find out more, visit


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    About Ironwood Studios
    Since its founding in 2019, Ironwood Studios has been hard at work on Pacific Drive, and are extremely proud to be working with PlayStation to bring it to life. The team’s passion stems from a love of road trips and the relationship between the driver and the car, always dreaming about surreal worlds and the Pacific Northwest – two things that feature prominently in the game. Ironwood’s goal is to create games that inspire players to tell their own stories, with systems that work together to create unexpected and unique experiences.

    About Kepler Interactive 
    Kepler Interactive – led by the founders of Kowloon Nights – is a developer and publisher that operates on a co-ownership model. Its studios are given strategic leadership roles, all while continuing to develop their games their way, with no creative limitations. Kepler’s partner studios are as varied as they are talented, including A44 Games in New Zealand, Alpha Channel and Timberline in North America, Awaceb, Ebb Software, and Sloclap in Europe, and Shapefarm in Asia. Kepler Interactive itself is headquartered in London.