Organic online adventure KWAAN out now on Steam. People of Earth, everything will be OK.

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    Press Release



    Roubaix, France – February 4th, 2016

    Organic online adventure KWAAN out now on Steam. People of Earth, everything will be OK.


    Yes, it’s an adventure game about nature. Yes, you can play with your friends. Yes, it has to-die-for pixel art. Yes, it will make your life better. So much better. Ankama today announced the launch of online eco-adventure RPG KWAAN, which is quite honestly just the most darling thing you’ve seen all day. After a period of self-improvement in the rarefied world of Early Access, the fully-fledged game is out now via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux priced at 9.99€.

    Download KWAAN now for instant joy:

    Created by a renegade team of four digital tree-huggers from Ankama’s Montreal studio, KWAAN puts players in the biodegradable shoes of the tiny Dwaal, agents of nature charged with the care of the planet. As prophesied, one day the giant mutant tree KWAAN appears, changing everything for the little Dwaals… FOREVER!

    Check out the brand new fully sustainable launch trailer right here: [insert trailer link]

    KWAAN fuses all kinds of good stuff into one environmentally delicious gaming package: point-and-click, RPG, 15-player online co-op, pixel art editor, and a quite excellent grapnel for exploring the many levels on your collective quest to keep KWAAN happy. But beware – if at midnight each day KWAAN is too sad, the mighty tree lord will drown the world in tears, with the unfortunate side effect of crashing the server so you and your Dwaal pals have to start again from scratch.

    KWAAN we do it?  YES WE KWAAN!

    Get more KWAAN here:

    Socialize with other Dwaal and Ankama on Facebook and Twitter:

     About ANKAMA
    Ankama is an independent French group and a leader in the entertainment industry that builds its development around a trans-media strategy: online games, animation, publishing, press, music, merchandise, toys, games for consoles and mobile devices. Ankama develops its universes through all these media to create a complete and immersive narrative experience.







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