Neverwinter: Sharandar – Episode 3 Launches on Xbox One and PlayStation®4

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    Neverwinter: Sharandar – Episode 3 Launches on Xbox One and PlayStation®4


    The conclusion of Neverwinter’s Sharandar module, Episode 3: The Odious Court, is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. This new episode brings the completion of the revamped mystical land of Sharandar — originally introduced in Neverwinter’s first ever module, Fury of the Feywild — as well as a slew of new content. Check out the trailer below to find out what awaits console adventurers in this epic finale for New Sharandar. 


    In Episode 3: The Odious Court, adventurers travel to the Dark Fey Mire to investigate the fetid swamp tainted by the mysterious dark magic of Velma the Bonegrinder, a deceitful Green Hag, and her sisters from the Odious Court. With frog-like humanoids called Grungs and aggressive Dryads claiming the area as their own, adventurers need to restore safety to the region — all the while uncovering the role of the Odious Court. 

    In addition to a new story and content from previous episodes, the last episode brings exciting new features, including a challenging battle against a coven of menacing hags from all three episodes of the Sharandar module, new bounties, new heroic encounters, new rewards and much more. 

    Additional details, including key features, for this episode and previous episodes can be found here.

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