Mobile MMORPG Talion now open for pre-registration

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    Press Release


    Berlin – April 8th, 2019

    Mobile MMORPG Talion now open for pre-registration

    – GAMEVIL has created its own ground-breaking MMORPG without compromise. Talion is already a hit in Japan and Russia and will come to France and Germany very soon. –

    The mobile game company GAMEVIL has announced its new mobile MMORPG, Talion, which will soon see a fully localized release in France, UK and Germany. Every player will be able to pre-register for the game on iOS or Android through the official Talion webpage or the Google Play Store. As a reward for pre-registering, players will get generous in-game items like plenty of potions, gold, rubies, weapons, armor and Wolf as a mount, to begin their adventure with.

    Besides pre-registration, the all-new page provides a full overview of what you can expect from Talion. Users will find useful information such as background story, screenshots, trailers and gameplay videos, developers interviews and details about the four character classes in Talion.  

    The game offers:

    • Highly polished, state-of-the-art graphics
    • Complete MMO experience on your mobile phone
    • 360-degree free adjustable camera
    • A customization tool that enables players to create their character exactly the way they want
    • Cooperative PvE:
      • Uncountable quests, field boss events and elite dungeons
    • Competitive PvP:
      • 5 vs 5 team battle: scramble for the crown
      • 1 vs. 1 Deathmatch
    • RvR & PvPvE:
      • 20 vs. 20 RvR occupy mode with catapults, stables, altars, etc.
      • Raid Boss: Alliance vs. Boss vs. Alliance


    GAMEVIL says: “With this game, we really want to establish a massively multiplayer role-playing experience without compromise. That means we focus on high-quality localization, a dedicated official community on several social platforms for direct feedback, and of course great gameplay for solo and group players – no matter of PvP or PvE preferences.”

    In Talion, the player will experience a full MMORPG on mobile without compromise.

    Pre-Register now on Google Play or the official Talion Website

    Facebook Germany

    Facebook EU English

    Facebook FR

    Discord for all languages


    Twitch – first Stream will be on April the 9th













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