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    To coincide with the release of the video game produced by Level-5, Crunchyroll will stream the animated adaptation.

    Paris, (April 25, 2024)MEGATON MUSASHI is a giant robot series adapted from a video game created by Level-5, creators of Professor Layton, Yo-kai Watch, Inazuma Eleven and Ni no Kuni. Produced in 2021, the first episode of the season 1 arrives today on Crunchyroll, while MEGATON MUSASHI W: WIRED is released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 and Steam.

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    The story takes place in 2118. 99.9% of humanity is obliterated by an alien force called the Draktor.​ Our hero, Yamato Ichidaiji, is among those staking their lives​ to pilot Megaton-class giant robots called Rogues in a last-ditch effort to recapture Earth from the alien invaders!

    A new episode of MEGATON MUSASHI will be available on Crunchyroll every Wednesday from 3pm (CEST).

    MEGATON MUSASHI Official Synopsis:

    People lived peaceful, fulfilling lives in a perfectly ordinary town. But they had no idea that their peace was a lie. What they didn’t know…
    …was that Earth had already been destroyed.
    Mysterious aliens launched a powerful attack from space and destroyed 99.9% of humanity. The enemies were called Draktors. Before long, these foes created a massive hole in Earth and terraformed it to an environment suitable for habitation.
    Mankind had no choice but to escape their scrutiny and hide out in shelters.
    There, they waited for the day they could return, not knowing if it would even come…
    With their memories of the annihilation erased, the residents of the shelter, Ixia, lived normal lives blissfully unaware of the truth. But amongst them lived a few chosen ones, who fought the aliens as pilots operating giant robots called Rogues.
    And today, another pilot was chosen…

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