Meet Dancevil, Com2uS’ New Game, from Google Play Instant in Advance!

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    Press Release


    Seoul, South Korea – June 21st, 2018 

    Meet Dancevil, Com2uS’ New Game, from Google Play Instant in Advance!


    Com2uS announced today that its new sandbox platform game Dancevil will be applied with Google Play Instant feature and holding a global pre-registration.

    Google Play Instant is a feature that allows users to directly enjoy some of the content without downloading the game on Google Play. This feature gives users an opportunity to experience beforehand to enhance user convenience and to provide the game concept.

    Dancevil, developed by Com2uS, will be the first new game have Google Play Instant feature applied, introducing the new game genre and core game content in advance. Users with Android devices (OS 8.0 or later) can use this feature – simply search the game title and tap the Try Now Button to experience it.

    In addition, Com2uS is holding a global pre-registration of Dancevil for Android users. With this, users can experience the core content in advance via Google Play Instant feature, and then sign up for the pre-registration conveniently.

    Dancevil is a sandbox platform where users can produce their own dance and music and share their creativity with others. In-game features such as setting the movements and rhythm sophistically have gained a lot of interest from the users in last month’s global beta test. In addition, users can share their music videos to other users, and even via social network services.

    Com2uS stated, “Dancevil is the first new game to apply Google Play Instant and this is a great opportunity for users to fully experience the characteristics of the genre and fun of creation.” They continued, “We hope to see many users regardless of gender and age to experience the charm of Dancevil with music and dance in advance.”




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