Masters of Anima blasts open the portal to the world of Spark today

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    Press Release


    April 10th, 2018 

    Masters of Anima blasts open the portal to the world of Spark today

    – The strategic action battler from Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC  –

    Hey, Otto. Yes, I’m talking to you! It’s time to gird your loins (I’ve never known what that means) and summon every shred of courage. You’re about to begin a perilous journey into the magical world of Spark from which you may never return. Your beloved Ana has just about had enough of the bad breath and poor table manners of her captor Zahr and his foul Golems. So it’s hero time, kid. Don’t mess up.

    Learn magic, raise an army, beat down the bad guys, save your fiancée and maybe even the world while you’re at it, plus become a MASTER OF ANIMA! What’s not to like?

    Check out the launch trailer here: 


    At least that’s the plan – you start out as an apprentice learning to turn the life force of the planet Spark to your will. Only by completing your intrepid quest will you earn the right to call yourself… MASTER!

    Unfortunately, magic alone won’t cut it when there are enemies that need flattening. You’ll have to use some cunning strategy and get your hands dirty in battle. Apply your brain as well as your magical know-how to summon armies of Guardians – each with their own unique talents – and lead them into the fight against the irrepressible powers of evil. Consider your tactics carefully, and think fast to dodge death and seize victory.

    On your journey you will come toe-to-toe with formidable bosses, and as you approach the epic showdown with Zahr, your magic will grow and more of Spark’s secrets will be revealed. You’ll add some impressive new tricks to your arsenal, including the ability to summon ever more exciting and helpful Guardians to your banner.

    Masters of Anima has a unique control scheme which means you’ll feel at home on a keyboard and mouse or a controller, thanks to the clever folks at developers Passtech Games, who also created indie treasure Space Run.

    Masters of Anima is available now for download on PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, Nintendo®Switch and PC.








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